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*(updated 9/15)*

After a tough few weeks, we were down to only 3... Dutch showed why he believes he's the best. Edelweiss was trying to cement himself in LMBB history. Jacchad trying to finally get over the hump and win in all. these 3 tango'd all week, smack talk was at an all time high. But only 1 walked out with the LMBB Championship... Congratulations to the new Undisputed LMBB Champion... Jacchad!!!! He not only won the Championship but also a Blue Name and $81 in cold hard cash! Thanks everyone for playing! New tourney thread will be up shortly! Join and don't forget to tell your friends to join... and yo mama, papa, grany, uncle, sister, brother, pet dog and whoever else yall know! Lets break 100 participants on the next tourney! Good Luck Fellas and once again congrats to Jacchad who now will have everyone gunning for him!

LINK TO NEW TOURNEY: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/ns/thread/2365189/Official-LMBB-Suicide-Pickem-Tourney-7/?Page=1&version=2#post-50824970




**(NEW Champion)**


Winner: Jacchad-  Iuri Alcantara and Gleison Tibau

Hall of Fame (previus tournament winers):
1. If it ain't Dutch, it ain't much, won in round 12 at 24-0
2. Thiago Santos, KTFO everyone in round 7
3. UFN: brown vs silva, KTFO like 16 peopel in round 5
4. TJ Dillashaw... enough said
5. hendofanforlife, won in rd 10 at 20-0

The rules prestented by the great LMBB:
1. must pick only 2 fights per UFC event
2. you can pick any fights that are on the card
3. if you are wrong at any point you are out
4. picks can be made all the way up until 1 hour prior to the first fight on the card 4. teamquestnorth will buy tournament winner a blue name for 1 year
5. i will keep the running tally of who is still in the game
6. you must make picks for every event, preferrably make them within a day or two of the event
7. if there is a NC or draw, you move on to the next round but gotta pick a extra fight at the next event
8. if you pick a fight and then that fights gets scrapped, you can either pick another fight for that round or defer and pick an eextra fight next round. you have to make your initial pick BEFORE the fight gets scrapped to be eligible for a repick/deferment. if you try to cheat and pick a scrapped fight after it has been scrappe dyou are eleimiinated for being a chode
10. for endgame: if everyone shits out in the same round then NO ONE WINS (see rule #3 son). only way to win is by bein the only guy to make all correct picks. if 2 guys are left in the touranement and both make a bad pick, then BOTH lose
11. shit talkin is incouraged in this shit. when someone make a dum pick u call that fukcing chip out on it and when he loses, u send that beta packin wit some more shit taklin - this is called the "D241's first tournament attampet memorial rule"
12. u can change ur picks, but you gotta amke new post, NOT edit a old one. i prefere you quote your oirignal post and say something like "CHANGING DESE PICKS TO FIGHETR A and FIGHTR B" or sometihngn so it obvious
13. The reigning champion will still be declared champion if and only if no one wins the tourney and the defending champ gets bounced in the final round with everyone who was left. This will be declared a draw which means the champ keeps his belt. If champ gets bounced and tourney continues then the title is vacated until someone wins a tourney. This is called the Dutch really ain't much rule.
14. When making picks, you must use the fighters actual name or what we know him as like "GSP". Those who choose picks with nicknames, especially ones we don't know, will not have their picks recorded and therefore will be DQ for not making 2 picks.
15. Only for CURRENT CHAMPION, You may add the tag LMBB Champ to your SN if you win the tourney. Its a great way to show bregging rights and rub it in to people. Plus it brings more exposure to the tourney. This is completely optional but much preferred. Once following tourney has concluded and a new champ is crowned, then you must remove unless you've won again. This is called the hendofanforlife rule.
16.  If you see a someone make a stupid pick, call that chip out and make a bet. Betting is encouraged in this tourney. Don't be afraid to call someone out and try and make some money off them, this take shit talking to a whole other level. This not only makes your picks more meaningful but makes this all the bit more competitive.

here are all the tournaments so u can see to get a fel how this siht goes down son:
trounament #1: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2239814/UG-pick-em-suicide-tournament/?page=1
tournamet#2: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2280792/official-UG-pick-em-suicide-tournament-2/?&page=1
tournament #3: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2302950/official-UG-pick-em-suicide-tournament-3/?&page=1
tournament #4: http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2324396/Official-LMBB-Suicide-Pickem-Tourney-4/?&page=1
tournament #5 http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/thread/2328980/Official-LMBB-Suicide-Pickem-Tourney-5/?&page=1

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Finally a new game! I think I got bounced in the first round last time, lol. These next two cards are going to be tough- two cards in one day and a lot of barely known fighters. Should be a lot of eliminations on Saturday.
8/18/14 5:13 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 5:14 PM
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Fun Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 5:15 PM
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In for everlasting glory.

8/18/14 5:16 PM
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8/18/14 5:22 PM
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Going with for now

Mitchell and Woodly
Reis and Saunders Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 5:23 PM
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papa's home boys here's next weeks winning picks subject to change - 


Cung Le, Kim


Carmont, Benson

8/18/14 5:25 PM
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Woodly and O'Reiley

Holloway and Bendo

8/18/14 5:26 PM
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Fuck this shit is gonna be tough just to get past the 1st week lol

8/18/14 5:30 PM
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Fight Night Bisping vs Le Picks

Danny Mitchell

Brendan O'Reilly


Fight Night Henderson vs dos Anjos Picks

Valmir Lazaro

Max Holloway


8/18/14 5:31 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 5:37 PM
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Taz Styles - 

Fight Night Bisping vs Le Picks

Danny Mitchell

Brendan O'Reilly


Fight Night Henderson vs dos Anjos Picks

Valmir Lazaro

Max Holloway


Lazaro is a risky pick, i like it though

8/18/14 5:39 PM
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Mike Pyle
Ben Saunders

8/18/14 5:49 PM
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The champ is here boys! Gunning for consecutive titles. 

Oreilly, Dudieva

Bendo, Saunders

You chips are going down!

8/18/14 5:50 PM
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Thrifty - 
Taz Styles - 

Fight Night Bisping vs Le Picks

Danny Mitchell

Brendan O'Reilly


Fight Night Henderson vs dos Anjos Picks

Valmir Lazaro

Max Holloway


Lazaro is a risky pick, i like it though

Yeah, i might change it later on, not sure.

8/18/14 5:58 PM
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i predict the field will be cut in half the first night. 

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I will most likely change them but wanted to get something posted in case I forget. With that said I am still the GOAT and will reclaim my championship title this tournament.

Few fun notes:

I am the first winner and have the most titles at 1

Best record of those who played in all tournaments at 48-6 (during tournament play)

Most wins in history at 48

Longest win streak of 36 (1st 36 picks I made were right)

Overall record if I played all weeks 66-8 which is also the best of anyone.

Let's look at my results:
#1 - Won it
#2 - Made it to the final week
#3 - Made it to the final week
#4 - Tied for 6th place
#5 - Tied for 13th place
8/18/14 7:07 PM
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wide variety of picks so far with only a few people. 

patiently awaiting D241s first round loss picks. 

8/18/14 7:23 PM
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LOL, in
8/18/14 7:27 PM
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In Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 7:29 PM
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time traveling 12er - Bisping/lipeng

Youre really picking bisping? Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 7:31 PM
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This is a rough 1st round Phone Post 3.0
8/18/14 7:40 PM
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Michael Bisping

Royston Wee


Jordan Mein

Alex Garcia

8/18/14 7:46 PM
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Fight Night Card Macao:

Fight Night Oklahoma:

Need to get the championship this time. 2nd place is the 1st loser. Phone Post 3.0