UnderGround Forums Other punch,knee,throw,gnp combo finishes like RR?

7/7/14 10:33 PM
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After Rousey's epic finish , any similar combos from history which combined knees,hands,throws and gnp as sweet as that? Phone Post 3.0
7/7/14 10:50 PM
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One more important thing to consider is that it took only 16 seconds! So, what's the closes things I can think of -- as you asked -- of similar combos? Hmmm...the best examples that I can think of are:

1. Frank Shamrock defended his LHW belt against Igor Zinoviev at UFC 16 in just 22 seconds by huge slam with a little GnP after the slam (the GnP was totally unnecessary similar to Rousey/Alexis as the slam did the deed).

2. Tito Ortiz defended his LHW belt against Evan Tanner at UFC 30 in just 30 seconds by huge slam with a couple of punches that were similarly not needed.

Both above title defenses were shockingly fast and effective and were achieved over tried and tested opponents.
7/8/14 4:53 AM
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Hendo Oyama
7/8/14 5:34 AM
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Rick Hawn did a sweet throw to ground finish in Bellator

Yoshida iced War Machine pretty quick 



7/8/14 5:35 AM
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7/8/14 5:36 AM
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Franca vs Uno was brutal too

7/8/14 5:41 AM
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Tim Botch ragdolled someone and finished off with brutal g np too