UnderGround Forums PVZ trying too hard to be likeable like Holly

10 days ago
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To the point of annoyingness...


10 days ago
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How dare her try to marketable in today’s game!

10 days ago
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Pvz vs cyborg next

10 days ago
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If you say so...

10 days ago
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stfu or get in the cage idiot
10 days ago
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She was on DWTS. People love her. Give her a break. 


Holly was actually cringe worthy. Only old people in New Mexico liked her. 


PVZ is just a dorky hot camp councilor. 

10 days ago
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How anybody finds any redeeming value in open workouts is beyond me. Boring as fuck.

10 days ago
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I still dislike PVZ over the whole kids w cancer thing but whatever. Guessing she loses a decision tomorrow. 

10 days ago
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People gotta find something to hate on, I guess

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Dick Niaz -

People gotta find something to hate on, I guess

Spot on

10 days ago
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Idk why but these pre programmed mitt rythme routines fighters do for crowds seem lame to me. Like all of them have them but they have shitty hands in the actual fights then you have guys like Francis who just bomb and shit on the pads like they do when they actually fight. What's up with it

10 days ago
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they are not just lame to you. They are lame for every one.
10 days ago
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When she throws the initial jab or starts any type of combo she almost high steps forward with that lead leg first rather than step and throw at the same time.

I saw it in a left kick too. Almost anything from her left side.

It might be interesting to go check out some of her fights to see if this comes across there too.

A nice tell if someone confirms it and starts using it against her.

10 days ago
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I think that's more  of a relaxed pad session thing and not a real tell. Just like you don' see her planting her feet and throwing punches like that in a real fight.

10 days ago
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she's a sweetheart,

what's the problem with this?

10 days ago
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Damn who enjoys these open workouts? I have tried to watch a few but they are boring as hell..I can't imagine going to one and just watching a mma guy hit the mitts..now, I might have watched Tysons open workout back in the day but not these other people..

PVZ is really cute but that's about it

10 days ago
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her haters are pathetic
10 days ago
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JoeHurley - 

I think that's more  of a relaxed pad session thing and not a real tell. Just like you don' see her planting her feet and throwing punches like that in a real fight.

It very well may be. That is why you'd have to compare it to other sessions and fights to really see if it's there to capitolize on it.

I just saw it and thought I would say something. I had a coach that used to tell me that when you watch fighting, watch for things like that. Now I find that I look for how people apply their fight game.

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No one was there. No one. 

Junkie did UFC a favor with that static camera angle.

UFC staff were prob embarrased as fuck that shit was empty and told her to go do something fun for the 14 fans that were there.

She just did the equivalent of a stand-up comedy show in front of an empty house. It's literally her job to provide them with content of her in yoga pants for fight week. Let her do her thing. Fuck.

Until you've done something that awkward, hush. 

10 days ago
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How jaded is this muthafucka?
10 days ago
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I wonder if WME is realizing what a mistake they’ve made yet lol 

10 days ago
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Oh and I like PVZ... nothing against her. No idea why she’d get any hate. 

10 days ago
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She needs to work on her defense when somebody has back mount on her. I volunteer as a partner.

10 days ago
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lol talking shit for no reason, who gives a shit what she does.
10 days ago
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yes, she'd be better off posting semi-anonymously on internet forums under a slightly altered name