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1/17/14 1:59 PM
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UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis had the win of his career in August of 2013 when he defeated former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida at UFC 163.

Despite there being a measure of controversy about the win, few could ever dispute he hasn't improved and consistently climbing the ladder of contenders. Yet, if that's the case, why hasn't he competed since then?

According to his coach at Alliance MMA, Eric Del Fierro, Davis is eager to get back in the Octagon, but the UFC has yet to call him.

"Listen, we're looking at our calendar," Del Fierro told Ariel Helwani on Monday's The MMA Hour. "I have to time my traveling in advance because I still work as a fireman, but we talked about Phil. I sat down with Phil, I said, 'We need a fight. I don't know what's going on.'

"It's not because Phil doesn't want to fight," Del Fierro explained. "Phil's ready to fight. We're just not getting the fight."

Del Fierro believes Davis is due for an upgrade in opposition. According to the UFC's rankings, Davis currently stands at no. 4. At a minimum, Del Fierro believes Davis should be fighting a top 5-ranked opponent, but acknowledges that may be tough. Opponents could be willing to turn down Davis and at this point, too much time has passed for them to not keep Davis active.

"Phil's in a position where he should be fighting a top 5 guy. We're just not getting those guys. People are out there not wanting to fight Phil as well," Del Fierro said.

"At this point, does he just take a top 20 guy and just say, 'Hey, I need to stay busy'? Obviously that's something we need to consider at the same time because he just needs to get back in there."

In terms of spacing, Del Fierro and Davis were aiming for an Octagon return for 'Mr. Wonderful' by February. Given the calendar for February's fights are all full, that's not likely to happen. The trouble, Del Fierro states, is that they don't really know when they can plan as a deadline to get Davis back in action.

"We were hoping he was fighting by February, but that's not going to happen. Maybe March? I don't know. April?," Del Fierro asked rhetorically. "I literally haven't heard anything."

That silence from the UFC might be the most troubling aspect of all. Del Fierro states Davis could be willing to take an opponent not ranked in the top 5 to maintain an active schedule, but he hasn't even had the chance to weigh the option considering the phone hasn't been ringing from the Zuffa offices at all.

"I don't think they've offered him anything," Del Fierro said.

1/17/14 2:15 PM
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well, maybe if someone gets injured he will get the call.
1/17/14 2:22 PM
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Ryan Bader?

1/17/14 4:48 PM
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Big Pookie - Ryan Bader?

Yes Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 5:59 PM
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They don't give him top fights because they end up being snooze fests, be real.

I'm guessing he will lay on Shogun next. Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 6:06 PM
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hopefully shogun, would be a cool stylistic match up Phone Post 3.0
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jmont - hopefully shogun, would be a cool stylistic match up Phone Post 3.0


How would that be a cool stylistic match up, at all?


It would be Davis bouncing around doing nothing on the feet while shooting for takedowns. There are no "cool stylistic match ups" with Davis involved.

Plus, Davis lost to Machida, Rashad and Lil Nog. That's not how you get yourself a title shot.

Davis is a prime example of a competitor being an athlete and not a fighter and I for one don't care to see him fight again in the future.

1/17/14 8:05 PM
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Best in the world fight 3 times a year.
1/17/14 8:28 PM
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If Gus and glover lose I can see him fighting Jones Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 8:35 PM
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I would never wanna see a Jones vs Davis fight that'd be like Davis's fight with Rashad...I wanna see him fight another good wrestler like bader chael or Henderson maybe even a fight with cormier Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 8:41 PM
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I like fights where guys have contradicting styles and this is definitely one of them, can phil out wrestle shogun? can shogun use his improved boxing to ko davis? also ppl are forgetting how slick rua can be on the ground Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 8:42 PM
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SurenoBlue -
jmont - hopefully shogun, would be a cool stylistic match up Phone Post 3.0

How would it be a "cool stylistic match up?" Seriously, how???

We already know what the out come would be:

1. Davis would dry hump Shogun en route to one of the worst decision win on points we have ever seen. It would be the most boring fight ever. Fans would literally riot.

2. Or - and this is not as likely, but still...Davis could submit a sloppy or gassed Shogun (IF Shogun came in fat and out of shape)

Either way, it would be terrible. Most would be infuriated. Fans want to see Shogun in EXCITING fights. Shogun has earned that right. Why waste a fight of Shogun's on a boring ass wrestler who would just be trying to "nuetralise" him instead of fight him?

The ONLY way the fight could ever be good is if Davis stood with Shogun, and Shogun knocked Davis' boring ass out cold with a monster left hook KO......but again we all know Davis isnt standing with Shogun. Machida out struck Davis, so just imagine what a more brutal more effective striker like Shogun would do to Davis on the feet lol. As soon as the bell rings Davis is going for a leg and holding on to Shogun for dear life

Frankly, Davis LOST to Machida and he did NOTHING substantial to beat Nog. Davis is still very over rated IMO

Its just that Davis epitomizes the boring wrestler who games the biased system to stall out fights "nuetralise" and "win" on points in horrendous fashion

Id be happy if Davis never fought again.

Let Davis fight Bader or Minua if Minua losses to Gus. Or give Davis a quick warm up fight and wait for the division to play itself out.
you just sound like you dont want to see davis fight at all Phone Post 3.0
1/17/14 8:54 PM
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I would hazard to guess that the UFC brass is about as thrilled with Davis' fights as the fans are. Its not like anybody hates the guy, but nobody really wants to watch him fight either.

He has to be one of the more boring fighters in recent history.
1/17/14 11:17 PM
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Bader vs Davis sounds good..
1/18/14 5:07 AM
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Hi Thiaguy! What proxy did you use this time?

1/18/14 6:11 AM
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davis said the other day that he thinks jones will pull out of the fight, and he will be ready to fight glover! Phone Post 3.0
1/18/14 10:12 AM
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rematch with nog since he didn't actually win that fight.

1/18/14 4:21 PM
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OnlyPirateFan -
kill joy -

rematch with nog since he didn't actually win that fight.

Phil won that fight fairly easily. Wtf were u watching Phone Post 3.0
ya, I also had phil winning the machida fight 2-1 rnds I know ill get ripped apart for this but I donno why you guys think he lost those fights Phone Post 3.0
1/18/14 4:34 PM
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He lost to Machida Phone Post 3.0
1/18/14 7:47 PM
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KingofBJJ -
caseharts - He lost to Machida Phone Post 3.0

In Bizzaro's world, you would be absolutely correct.
No he won the nog fight. He lost the Machida fight. Didn't almost all the media have it for lyoto? It was close but it's no feather in his cap. Phone Post 3.0
1/18/14 8:16 PM
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Phil should have lost to both Nog and Machida. Phone Post 3.0
1/19/14 12:05 AM
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Joe Silva offered Phil Davis vs Ovince Saint Preux for the Dec 28 (UFC 168) card. OSP accepted and Phil Davis declined citing a knee injury.

Some people may laugh at the matchup but the fact remains that Davis is getting matchups, he just doesn't like them.

1/19/14 12:28 AM
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Rumble Johnson Phone Post 3.0
1/19/14 11:29 PM
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MyGodThisMMA - Rumble Johnson Phone Post 3.0
Came in to say this Phone Post 3.0
1/20/14 12:17 AM
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SurenoBlue -
jmont - I like fights where guys have contradicting styles and this is definitely one of them, can phil out wrestle shogun? can shogun use his improved boxing to ko davis? also ppl are forgetting how slick rua can be on the ground Phone Post 3.0

Damnit, I accidentally hit the post button before finishing what I was going to say lol

To me it seems like you just want to see Shogun lose and see Davis pick up a cheap win over him.

You and I both know Davis isnt standing with Shogun

Shogun will never get the chance to give us the the knockout over Davis' boring ass that we all want!

The out come of the fight would be too predictable. Davis wins

Lets see Shogun fight Thiago or Nog!

BTW, I remember Davis calling Shogun out. I waa pissed. Its obvious Davis is tryng to make his name off of Shogun....he is banking on the same fat out of shape Shogun who fought Sonnen showing up vs him. Ive lost even more respect for Davis

Lets see if Davis is still calling Shogun out if Shogun goes on a consistent run lol.

Shogun's technique is always there but If Shogun stays hungry and keeps training hard and goes on a consistent run, then I will be more confident in Shogun being able to have the gas, nuetralise Davis on the ground, and KO him on the feet. Thats the only time the fight should even be entertained

I donno what your talking about, I would route for shogun if they fought Phone Post 3.0