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Edited: 7/22/10 10:23 PM
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 Phil "Dont Call Me Explosive" Davis steps in to take on Rodney Wallace on short notice for UFC 117 Bout

edit- it wont let me put in the link for some reason...its on MMAJunkie though
7/22/10 10:34 PM
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Kind of ridiculous...Sho Nuff has lost his first two fights in the UFC. Davis should take this, but there's not much upside for him.
7/22/10 10:36 PM
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 yeah kind of a pointless matchup, but Im a fan of Mr.Wonderful

hope he wins
7/22/10 10:53 PM
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With Davis now on the card, even in such a fight, I'm now looking forward to every fight on the UFC 117 card. Can't remember the last time that happened.
7/22/10 11:32 PM
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7/23/10 1:06 AM
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davis will win and wallace will get cut. kinda sad since i expected more out of wallace when he fought stann.
7/23/10 1:09 AM
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 Good bye Wallace.
7/23/10 1:21 AM
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Ahh wtf happened with Stanislav Nedkov, how did he get injured? Damn I was really looking for to that fight. Now that its Wallace and Davis, I don't give a damn bout it.
7/23/10 1:26 AM
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Good to see Davis staying really active
7/23/10 1:56 AM
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War Phil Davis! War Penn State!
7/23/10 8:52 AM
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Corky22 - War Phil Davis! War Penn State!

 yeah!  Nittany Lions!
7/23/10 8:55 AM
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Absolutely pointless and slightly racist matchup...could be fight of the night!