UnderGround Forums Prime Tank vs Roy Nelson who u got?

1/3/13 5:30 PM
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Battle of the bellies!! Prime Tank Abbot vs Roy Nelson. Who u got and how? Phone Post
1/3/13 5:34 PM
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Roy easily. Even if Tank was to tag Roy it wouldn't knock him out. Roy could win it wherever he wanted. Phone Post
1/3/13 5:36 PM
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Roy's chin is amazing. That eliminates hope for Tank
1/3/13 5:36 PM
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Prime??? Tank! Roy would get Matua'd!!!



1/3/13 5:38 PM
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Roy via sub within a minute Phone Post
1/3/13 5:45 PM
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I dislike Nelson, but he would ransack Tank of any vintage
1/3/13 5:50 PM
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Roy is far superior in every range of fighting and every possible position. It's not even close
1/3/13 6:00 PM
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It's funny when noobs think Tank was a badass while thinking elite old-schoolers like Ken always sucked. Tank never once beat an A-level fighter. His best victory is probably over Huge Duarte. I always enjoyed watching Tank fight but come on; Roy would destroy him.
1/3/13 6:00 PM
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Roy Americana within 2 minutes.
1/3/13 6:13 PM
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Non N00B - I dislike Nelson, but he would ransack Tank of any vintage
Vintage!! Perfect choice of word. Never cared for the term prime but didn't know what else to use. U sir get a vtfu! Phone Post
1/3/13 6:18 PM
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Roy by KO or sub in the first minute.
1/3/13 6:19 PM
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Lol easily roy, and no way he gets Matua'd.
1/3/13 6:43 PM
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For those talking about how solid Big Countrys chin is, and how Tank couldn't knock him out if he landed a solid shot...Cabbage Carrera!

Cabbage head was filled with "cement and stuff", but tank shut his ass OFF. I actually lost money on that fight. Lol. I said the same thing...that Carrera could not only take a shot but was a better overall striker as well. Not to mention better cardio.

With that being said........I got Big Country. Haha! Better all around game. Big country can take a shot from tr best of them and any shot that he would receive in THERE striking exchanges. Just don't think that you would have the ability to Potshot And ever land that one big shot on big country.

Big country would simply mix it up on the seat and could even put tank on the back scoring points or even possibly ending it on the ground with elbows from crucifix. Ultimately it would be a three round fight and I see Big country Scarpa scoring Barmore and getting the nod is especially in the second and third round due to his misleading cardio IF Not able to end it early.

Conclusion: thank has almost no tools relevant to win. Simply a one punch chance that will never come Phone Post
1/3/13 6:45 PM
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Roy and not even close. Look how easy Frank Mir tapped Tank.
1/3/13 6:53 PM
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Roy by whatever he wants. Phone Post
1/3/13 6:55 PM
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Nelson is better in every area...

He is the evolved ber brawler ;)
1/3/13 7:05 PM
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In 95 tank by retarded zzz ko Phone Post
Edited: 1/3/13 7:12 PM
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IDOHARM - This is a good one. Roy Nelson by actually knowing how to wrestle though. Phone Post

Tank was a wrestler, though. He had a wrestling background growing up and IIRC he even wrestled in JuCo. Tank actually had a famous quote, "If you can't wrestle, you can't fight!!!" 

1/3/13 7:15 PM
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OnlyTheStrongSurvive -  Roy by whatever he wants. Phone Post


1/3/13 7:16 PM
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Roy, and it wouldn't be close. He would get Tank to the ground and tap him. Roys BJJ is one of the most underrated things about his game. He is better on the ground than Frank Mir (actually beat Mir in a sub grappling match when Frank was a BB and Roy wasn't).
1/3/13 7:17 PM
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Roy Crucifix followed by elbows. If he doesn't knock his head off standing first. Tank would not stand a chance. Phone Post
1/3/13 7:34 PM
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Tank was probably every bit as good of a wrestler as Nelson is, perhaps better and he probably hit harder as well. That said, obviously Roy has much better cardio and bjj, plus he sets his shots up much better and has always displayed much more will to win than Tank ever did.
1/3/13 8:07 PM
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Tank would have a 35% chance of winning.

And, yes, David "Tank" Abbot could knock out Roy Nelson... or a water buffalo, in his prime, with one shot.
1/3/13 8:10 PM
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nelson, by anything he chooses.

1/3/13 9:14 PM
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Dazednconfused - Roy easily. Even if Tank was to tag Roy it wouldn't knock him out. Roy could win it wherever he wanted. Phone Post
Didn't AA ko'd Roy ???
In a straight stand up throwing bungalows
Kinda scrap Tank takes it with a Ko Phone Post