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8/6/13 3:16 PM
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Meet Jake Butler, the Princeton grad who quit financial analytics to fight in a cage

Jake Butler is only 2-0 as a professional, but he's won his two fights by TKO within three minutes. (One FC)

When Jake Butler resigned from his position as a financial analyst at Thor Equities last year, many who knew him were surprised.

He was a Princeton economics graduate, after all, and this was the kind of job that many graduating collegians would kill to get.

Quitting a well-paying, well-connected job to travel halfway around the world and become a professional fighter didn't quite make a lot of practical sense.

Butler was surprised too, but in a different way. He was surprised that he waited it out so long. 

He worked for two-and-a-half years in a job he hated. Yes, he was making good money. Yes, he had health care, and a 401(k) and a slew of other benefits.

But he was miserable. He hated his job and couldn't imagine himself doing it the rest of his life.





8/6/13 3:21 PM
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Good for him.
8/7/13 10:39 AM
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8/7/13 11:21 AM
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Takes a lot of guts to give all that up in this economy. Good luck to him. Phone Post 3.0
8/7/13 11:45 AM
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Jake had only been training for a little over a year at Evolve. (He was out 6 months with knee surgery) Phone Post 3.0
8/7/13 2:06 PM
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TTT for Jake! I love that family. I've known the Butler's since like 1st grade. Jake's younger brother went to Harvard too. All three brother's are super smart and down to earth people. Thanks for posting OP. VU!
8/7/13 3:57 PM
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MMA is a much more "honest" profession. Props to Jake for taking advantage of the opportunity before he's too old.
8/12/13 8:30 PM
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8/12/13 11:44 PM
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HaMMerHouseFAN - Takes a lot of guts to give all that up in this economy. Good luck to him. Phone Post 3.0

I'm sure he can pick up wherever he left off when he's done with fighting.