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1/23/13 7:42 PM
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Hey guys, I just found a an article posted on vice.com (Some of you who listen to the Joe Rogan podcast may have gotten to know Shane Smith who is the CEO of Vice and one of the craziest mofos on earth). Anyways since Mr. Seagal has become the face of some of the greatest fighters in mma, I just thought I would share. (if a blue would please?)


1/23/13 7:46 PM
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MORE proof** Phone Post
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1/23/13 7:48 PM
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I dont necessarily dislike all of his movies either, some are great. Its who he is as person is what disturbs me.
1/23/13 7:49 PM
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Bat21 - 





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1/23/13 7:52 PM
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Could you beat Tommy Lee Jones in a knife fight? Yeah, I didn't think so. Phone Post
1/23/13 7:54 PM
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1/23/13 7:57 PM
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yeah i saw this on vice. 

although i cant hate him in exit wounds and under siege. other than those movies his a douche and his movies suck.

1/23/13 8:01 PM
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Billy Joe Rottoncrotch - Like every guy on the UG didn't think he was a martial arts god back in the 80s and early 90s.

No amount of revisionist history can change the magnitude of the boner we all got the first time we saw Hard To Kill.
What do cheesy movies hav to do with real life mma? Seagal just wants to stay famous any way he can by jumping on a growing sport Phone Post
1/23/13 8:03 PM
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If a blue wouldnt mind Embedding the compilation of Steven running like a girl?

1/23/13 8:08 PM
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CREamed_by_DongJ - The reality is that Anderson Silva respects and admires him as a "sensei"

At the end of the day Steven Seagal probably is a clown, but Lyoto Machida bows to him.

On this MMA forum, the respect that those guys have for Seagal should be enough for us to give him a pass, but if you want you can keep being jealous.

I agree to an extent, two of MMA's best give Steven credit and acknowledge him as Sensi and there MUST be something to that. But its not a matter of jealousy, its a matter of douchebaggery and having "the eye" for it, as Seagal would say.
1/23/13 8:11 PM
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I'm sure Sensei Iron Claw has something to say about this... Phone Post
1/23/13 8:22 PM
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Couldnt get past the first sentence where he said Depp was the lamest person eva.
1/23/13 8:28 PM
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'Billy Joe Boner for Steven Seagal' should speak for himself. I got my boners watching the topless scenes in direct-to-video slasher movies over and over like every other red blooded American male. Phone Post
1/23/13 8:37 PM
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Pacinko - Couldnt get past the first sentence where he said Depp was the lamest person eva.
I agree the article is sub-par. But some of the info provided is hilarious Phone Post
1/23/13 8:37 PM
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I loved him in Executive Decision Phone Post
1/23/13 8:38 PM
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We've had better, more accurate and substantive critiques on the UG. That article is error-ridden and the good parts don't add to what we already know.

There seem to be two camps, 1) those that are annoyed by Segal's personality and count this above anything else, and 2) those that revere his accomplishments and count this above anything else.

Those are the most vocal groups at any rate. For me, what Segal demonstrates is that arrogance and confabulation can outstrip any accomplishments, no matter how great. And Segal's accomplishments and skills are considerable, though not quite as diverse as he believes them to be.
1/23/13 8:46 PM
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Ive never been able to stand seagal, never likes his movies and everytime i see him at a ufc event i cant help but cringe. Phone Post
1/23/13 8:49 PM
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When I saw Above the Law I swore it was the next greatest thing. I thought SS was awesome. He was just so badass

1/23/13 8:58 PM
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That Reggae song... Yes!! Phone Post
1/23/13 9:09 PM
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CREamed_by_DongJ - 

I hate to say it guys, but Seagal is one of us now.

He may have married his way into this situation, but he's our family member now thanks to Andy and Lyoto.

We need to treat our family better, even if he's our old retarded granduncle, he's still family and he deserves better than this.

Seagal clearly has something wrong with him, but should we love him any different for it?


If he could genuinely laugh at himself from time to time, we wouldn't have to do it for him, and as a result some time would open up in our collective schedules to pay him proper respects.
1/23/13 9:10 PM
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Unintentional comedy IS a high art form though, and not to be underestimated.
1/23/13 9:15 PM
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That Jamaican song was pretty cool actually!
1/23/13 9:27 PM
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If it wasn't Master Seagal, it would probably be a hit.