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8/14/10 6:30 PM
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OK, so here's what happened.  I live in Hong Kong and went to a 7-11 after the club to get another beer with a couple of mates.  We see a big guy with no shirt on start screaming, run after a girl and hit her.  Chick's with a guy that's scared because no shirt guy is much bigger.  I see it and scream leave her alone, just go home, stuff like that.

No shirt guy B-lines for me and bum rushes me to the ground.  I reverse him and get base and am talking to him the whole time telling him to chill out.  He basically couldn't do anything with me on him and says ok, ok and I let him up.  His friend's apologizing and saying he's drunk and crazy, no problem.

All of a sudden, no shirt guy grabs a big trash can, hucks it at my friend and then charges him screaming and throwing punches.  My buddy's big and strong, but has never fought before.  I told his friend that no shirt guy was going to sleep for a bit and then ran up and rear naked choked him.

Dude went to sleep in about 5 seconds, I held him and placed him gently on the ground and then me and my mates went to another 7-11 for a beer (ours had been spilt by no shirt guy).

I'm an old man and haven't trained in almost 9 years.  God it's good to know you still have it when you need it.

BJJ FTW!  One of my buddy's that was there is good at eskrima and kickboxing, but what was he going to do? knock the guy out with strikes and possibly get a criminal record?  I just gently laid him out, we moved on and no one got seriously hurt.

Cool Freaking Beans!
8/14/10 6:31 PM
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Shit dude I'm still pumped!  I grabbed another beer to see if anyone sees this.
8/14/10 6:33 PM
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Cool story bro.
8/14/10 6:34 PM
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Was it a standing RNC?
8/14/10 6:34 PM
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 Yeah, umm... Voted up.
8/14/10 6:35 PM
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Nice, hopefully being put to sleep like that will knock some sense into the guy.
8/14/10 6:39 PM
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Waterbottle - Was it a standing RNC?
Yes, and honestly it was a sucker move.  He was busy trying to punch out my buddy and slapping / punching him when I told his freaking out friend that he was taking a nap.  I just ran up from the side and slapped it on.
8/14/10 6:47 PM
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Here4aDay - Good thing he wasn't a wrestler

implying wrestling will defend a guy jumping on your back and fully locked RNC.
8/14/10 6:52 PM
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ttt. cool shit.
8/14/10 6:55 PM
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Dude was a marshmallow, but a big, psycho one.

What was cool was I was just telling the kickboxing / eskrima guy that I'm too old to trane / old guys can't fight and we get hurt easy, then I reverse this guy and put my nuts in his face - and then when he goes psycho with the garbage can and punches, I gently laid him out on the sidewalk. 

Not even a scratch, except where he hit his head on the ground when he charged me the first time.

Kids, do the BJJ.  It'll make you cool.
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You can buy any kind of alcoholic drink you want at 7-11 here, so I have no idea how the slurpees are.

8/14/10 7:05 PM
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Here4aDay - 
Caught_clean - 
Here4aDay - Good thing he wasn't a wrestler

implying wrestling will defend a guy jumping on your back and fully locked RNC.

implying a wrestler would let you get in the position to RNC that easily

implying OP didn't just make this story up

implying wrestling doesn't win against BJJ in MMA most of the time

Wrestlers are great at position and base and can transition to BJJ real well. Pure wrestler with no submission knowledge gets put on their back by a BJJ guy, freaks out, flips over and gets choked.

Believe me, about this and the story both. Winnson knows some shit and doesn't lie much.
8/14/10 7:13 PM
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K-Dub-"T" -  You are a street fighting savage, Roger Huerta.

They caught you on tape stomping the guy!

I want to see if it makes it on youtube! Cameras are everywhere here and I'm thinking what should I search?

Winnson 7-11 choke out?
8/14/10 8:18 PM
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I'll admit... That was a cool story Bro lol

8/14/10 8:41 PM
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It was awesome.  It's pushing 9am here and I'm still pretty pumped.

Thinking it's time to trane again.
8/14/10 8:43 PM
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I admit it too. Cool story broseph.
8/14/10 8:48 PM
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8/14/10 9:10 PM
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8/14/10 10:37 PM
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Well done, Sir.
8/14/10 10:55 PM
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 TTT for the Hong Kong King Kong!!!!!!!!!!
8/14/10 10:59 PM
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u da man winnson!!! :P
8/14/10 11:11 PM
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I love hearing shit like this. MMA is so full of Dbags and under but at least people are starting to understand that guys who dont look like shit can fucking fight. Makes the general population think twice
8/14/10 11:19 PM
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Believeable story bro.
8/14/10 11:23 PM
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beauregard - Well done, Sir.
8/14/10 11:25 PM
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