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8/25/14 12:09 AM
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I always heard that when dudes go bald early its due to high testesterone. Idk whether thats true or not.

If it is, and as most of u seem to say that vitor has been on roids since his teens, wouldnt he show signs of balding?

And if the early balding/testesterone thing is true, why would ben rothwell need a tue?

Hes been balding since like 16 Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 12:16 AM
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You can reverse the baldness by licking feet

8/25/14 12:22 AM
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Just like with anything it has different side effects on different people Phone Post 3.0
8/25/14 12:34 AM
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It’s not the amount of testosterone (or DHT) that causes male pattern baldness...it’s the sensitivity of one's hair follicles, which is determined by genetics. The AR gene makes the receptor on hair follicles that interacts with testosterone and DHT. If one's receptors are particularly sensitive, hair loss occurs more easily as a result.

Age, stress, and other shit can also influence whether or not one experiences hair loss...but genes play the most significant role. Men who have close relatives with male pattern baldness, have a much higher risk of developing it themselves.

I've pinned a lot of Test in my life, and have never experienced hair loss. Winstrol, however, made me shed like a motherfucker, so I got off of it with a quickness.
8/25/14 12:48 AM
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