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11/5/13 12:24 PM
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Renzo offered to fight for free


Gracie and White met in Las Vegas last week, and the Brazilian was happy with the outcome of their conversation.

"He was a gentleman," Gracie told Ariel Helwani on Monday’s The MMA Hour. "He made me an offer I almost couldn’t refuse. He offered me a check to not fight and I almost couldn't refuse. ‘Renzo, I like you so much I would hate if you get hurt.’ Getting hurt is part of our business, you know?

"His offer was almost as good as mine," he continued. "Mine, he couldn’t refuse. His, I could refuse. I said, ‘Please, don’t do that to me. Let me get there one more time,’ and he laughed. He told me, ‘Tell me when (you want to fight).’"

Gracie wants to compete so bad that he even offered to get inside the cage for no money.

"I offered to fight for free, and he laughed," Gracie said. "‘I could never have you fight for free. Not you,’ (White responded). It's not money I need, and he said, ‘I know.’ I want to do something without the need to do that. I think that way a man fights better."

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11/5/13 12:29 PM
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I love Renzo guy is a warrior but I don't want to see him fight against some young guy in his prime

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Dana is that guy. Seriously, that's how you should treat people. People in power granting wishes like that are rare. 

It's not like Renzo is punch-drunk, one more shot is just the thing to do.

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At 155 to

11/5/13 12:42 PM
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Renzo  -  BJ Penn

Renzo  -  Serra


11/5/13 12:50 PM
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11/5/13 12:51 PM
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Renzo vs yves edwards Phone Post
11/5/13 12:57 PM
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Renzo  -  BJ Penn

Renzo  -  Serra


You mean......

Renzo vs Someone he already fought 

Renzo vs One of his own black belts


11/5/13 1:01 PM
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Just when you think Renzo couldn't get any cooler...

He goes and d Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 1:04 PM
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THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THE MATRiX - Renzo vs Gomi in Japan!

Gomi is not some spring chicken stomping through the ratings.

Perfect fight for both IMO!
I agree with this post. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 1:07 PM
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Renzo =Royce, that will solve their dispute.

Betteryet, Renzo- Melendez or someone that will really show him that he should have taken Danas $ and run. Other wise, I rather just watch Rampage-Tito, same thing.
11/5/13 1:09 PM
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THERE WAS A GLITCH IN THE MATRiX - Renzo vs Gomi in Japan!

Gomi is not some spring chicken stomping through the ratings.

Perfect fight for both IMO!


11/5/13 1:13 PM
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Renzo vs Kenny Florian Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 1:15 PM
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Renzo vs Cody Mckenzie. Phone Post
11/5/13 1:17 PM
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Renzo vs TKZ
11/5/13 1:20 PM
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Renzo vs. Cung Le, I think age fits and skill would be great...anyone think Le can make 170 or 175?
11/5/13 1:22 PM
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id put him vs

Jason reinhardt
Dan hardy if he returns
Pat miletich
karl noons
Gene Lebell
11/5/13 1:24 PM
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DanielCaton - Renzo vs. Cung Le, I think age fits and skill would be great...anyone think Le can make 170 or 175?

could he? yes. will he? i dont see him wanting to cut that much. hes done just fine for his age at 185
11/5/13 1:24 PM
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No room on our roster

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How about

Renzo Gracie vs Jorge "Macaco" Patino

2 old school Brazilian Vale tudo legends. Renzo is 46, Jorge is 40. Jorge is on an 8 fight unbeaten streak ( 7 wins, 1 draw) and has wins over Pete Spratt, Mike Bronzoulis and a KO of Jacare.

Love to see Renzo get his retirement fight against another legend who deserves at least one more fight in the UFC before he hangs them up. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 1:55 PM
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Also, Renzo has stated many times he'd like to fight at 155 and Jorge has dropped to 155 for his last couple fights (including a win over TUF winner Efrain Escudero as well) Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 2:06 PM
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Love to see Patino get another shot in the UFC 14 years later. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 2:07 PM
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Fuckin WAR Renzo
11/5/13 2:08 PM
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He already has a fight and a contract with the UFC you dipshit. Phone Post 3.0
11/5/13 2:14 PM
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Legend fight!!!! To bad bj fighting Frankie that would be sick rematch. Phone Post 3.0