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1/22/12 9:10 AM
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Report: UFC Gun sponsors banned on FOX broadcasts


Although the UFC’s seven-year deal with Fox is still in its infancy, the effects of the deal are beginning to trickle through the MMA world.

The MMA Corner has learned from sources close to the situation that the latest impact is that guns and ammunition sponsors, such as The Gun Store and Ammotogo.com, have been banned from events that take place on the Fox family of networks. It will go into effect on Jan. 23.

Fighters competing at events that air on Fox, FX or Fuel TV will have to find other sponsors for their bouts.

The first such event takes place this Friday, Jan. 20, in Nashville, Tenn., marking the inaugural event on the FX network.

Even at UFC 142, in the preliminary bouts, guns and ammunition sponsors were noticeably absent from both fighter banners and shorts.

At this point in time the ban does not appear to affect pay-per-view main card fighters, but any fighters taking part in Fox-broadcast preliminary card fights will be impacted as they shift from Facebook to Fuel TV in 2012.

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1/22/12 9:23 AM
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That's dumb. Phone Post
1/22/12 9:48 AM
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It is dumb, but I guess it's smart business to avoid politically divisive stuff. I doubt the kinds of people to buy the PPVs would get too hot and bothered, and wonder if it's necessary on FOX-family shows as well...but they're just acting on information to make the most money, I'd bet.
1/22/12 10:06 AM
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 Kind of ironic that FOX would be "anti-violence".....while airing a combat sport. I do see the point and understand it though.
1/22/12 10:24 AM
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That's a bunch of bullshit. But I guess Foobs gonna foob. Phone Post
1/22/12 10:25 AM
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J_Swift - That's a bunch of bullshit. But I guess Foobs gonna foob. Phone Post
Oh and FOX will air Family guy with a baby shooting guns and wanting to kill his mom. But, grown men who fight for a living can't be sponsored by firearm industry businesses? Phone Post
1/22/12 10:40 AM
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Facepalm Phone Post
1/22/12 10:40 AM
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More money out of the fighters pockets Phone Post
1/22/12 10:53 AM
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Fox this is the network with endless military commercials, but gun commercials are deemed too violent, LOL.
1/22/12 11:28 AM
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 that's fine

just a small request
1/22/12 11:31 AM
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1/22/12 11:36 AM
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Shane Carwin - this

1/22/12 11:37 AM
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 Hard to believe that going with FOX has cleaned up this trashy sport even a little.

1/22/12 11:42 AM
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Business is business Phone Post
1/22/12 11:47 AM
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Here's hoping they also ban this ridiculous affiliation with "The Forces"
1/22/12 11:58 AM
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Pussification continues is right.
1/22/12 12:03 PM
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Quick, tell the NRA - Fox network is anti-gun!

Seriously - I am absolutely shocked that this came from Fox.
1/22/12 12:14 PM
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captain_underwear - pussification my ass, you fucking so-called 'patriots' are about the worst element of America

in the 1930's German Nazis were called patriots too, you fucking windbag.
Supporting 2nd Amendment= Nazi ???????? Phone Post
1/22/12 12:15 PM
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Good call by FOX and the UFC. It's good to be conscientious of how that represents the sport to the public. Phone Post
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Good call by Fox my ass. I'm boycotting it and will do my best to tell people where I'm from to do the same.

Look at what is going on in places like Syria.

Unarmed civilians are being gunned down by a tyrannical governments. Those "guns" preserve your freedom. Just STFU and go watch your dumb ass reality TV shows.
1/22/12 12:43 PM
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The Patriot, any point you tried to make got overshadowed by the name-calling. Now you just come off looking unintelligent. Phone Post
1/22/12 12:46 PM
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The funny thing about the G4u ban they mention in the OP, is G4U does not compete with Xynergy. I have not tried Xyience Xynergy but I assume it is an energy drink. Good4U was advertising their isotonic water line. Essentially water with added nutrients. One helps you d-stress another is for help with appetite suppression etc. They are functional beverages and do something totally different then Xyience.

I am thankful that I have sponsors like G4U who go beyond the UFC logo program. They have not wavered in their support of me. I continue to be their brand spokesman and I am proud to have them. Their drinks are Good4U and as a company they are Good2Me.
1/22/12 12:47 PM
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"PGA do not permit athletes to cover their uniforms with sponsor patches at all."

The PGA doesn't allow golfers to wear sponsors..... ok, whatever......

1/22/12 12:57 PM
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You can borrow money from the Arabs to stay floating but no guns?

Sounds so very Anti-American.

Gun Shop one was of the only sponsors I liked.

In a decade all Zuffa fighters will have no management , will train at UFC only gyms and there will only be sponsors that pay out to Zuffa.
1/22/12 12:57 PM
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captain_underwear - pussification my ass, you fucking so-called 'patriots' are about the worst element of America

in the 1930's German Nazis were called patriots too, you fucking windbag.

Tom Brady's 2011-12 AFC title favorite are called patriots too, what's your point?