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3/29/14 11:02 PM
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Needs a new fucking corner.

No way he should have been allowed to come out for round 4. Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:03 PM
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I feel bad for the kid Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:07 PM
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Terrible corner.

Kid has nothing but heart, but that's all he has now. Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:09 PM
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Yeah having all that heart is gonna end up getting him injured... Well that and a corner who will let him keep gettin his leg kicked the fuck off Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:10 PM
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Moraes is trying for sainthood here. Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:16 PM
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It was his leg not his brain. He was standing at the end of the fight so I think his corner were right to not intervene.