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Rizin Fighting Federation 12 took place Sunday August 12th from the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan. The main card featured seven mixed martial arts bouts and aired exclusively at Fite.TV.
Main Card (Live at 2:00 AM, 8/12, Fite.TV)
-Luiz Gustavo defeated Yusuke Yachi by Knockout (Punch, Round 2)
-Yuki Motoya defeated Kazuma Sone by Submission (RNC, Round 2)
-Kiichi Kunimoto defeated Ryuichiro Sumimura by Technical Submission (Arm-Triangle, Round 1)
-Kaitlin Young defeated Reina Miura by Unanimous Decision
-Taiki Naito defeated Hannya Hashimoto by Unanimous Decision
-Mikuru Asakura defeated Hatsu Hioki by Knockout (Kick, Round 1)
-Roque Martinez defeated Kiyoshi Kuwabara by TKO (Strikes, Round 1)
Preliminary Card (Live at 11:00 PM, 8/11 Fite.TV)
-Kaito Ono defeated Sho Ogawa by Unanimous Decision
-Kanako Murata defeated Angela Magana by Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke, Round 2)
-Ryuki defeated Naoya by Unanimous Decision
-Shintaro Matsukura defeated Takahiro Okuyama by TKO (Punch, Round 2)
-Takiya Shota defeated Syuto Sato by Unanimous Decision
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In this thang 

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Walking in to Mortal Kombat theme, cool. 

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Nice ko

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Pride neva die
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My fighter fought and beat Takahiro Okuyama (prelims)  for an amateur world Muay Thai title last April. HEY RIZIN, I GOTTA GUY!  

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Gustavo took the fight with Yachi on 9 days notice, was a 145er fighting at 155, was 8-0 with a 100% finish rate, was fighting probably the top 155er in Japan (that's arguable, but one of the top LWs anyway), had never fought in a promotion of any real consequence. So many variables going into that fight, and he put a stamp on that event. Wanderlei was vouching for him, and when the Axe Murderer vouches for a guy named Killer, you at least have to entertain the idea that the kid might have some talent. Dude looked like he belonged, and smashed Yachi's face all to hell.


Great show last night.