UnderGround Forums Ronda Rousey: I want 57 of Fedor’s babies

1/9/14 10:22 PM
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I honestly thought she would go for 33.

"Do I want to have 57 of his babies? It’s true. I think he’s married, though, so I’m not allowed. He was like my first real exposure to MMA. Manny and Karo I would see little bits of their stuff; I didn’t know it was like a real thing. I would see Karo putting on his Heat shorts and boxing in front of a camera, while I’m sitting there in my Judo gi while everyone else is doing Judo, and I’m like ‘Guys, Karo is over there boxing in his underwear. It’s really weird.’

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1/9/14 10:36 PM
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Damn it. Didn't mean to re-post.