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12/9/12 11:51 AM
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Entreri - Most fans are a fickle bunch of whining bitches.

All that matters is the belt and earning $$$.

If thats all that matters he definitely needs more charisma. The more charismatic he is the more ppv buys he would sell.

With that kind of hate, the haters will tune in to see him lose.

Well not really. Its more the guys you love to hate that you tune in to see lose, like Kos or Chael or even Lesnar. I dont know about you but I wouldnt buy a Ufc ppv right now with Mcdonald heading it.

I would buy a PPV with Rory heading it. He is a young and an exciting fighter.

GSP did state that Rory is better than him at that age.

You are crying about Rory cutting weight, lol...which is terrific. This is how dominate Rory is that a lot of people are already whining. Jones like.

Im not whining at all. I'm just saying i dont thinks he has any charisma or class. He has alot to learn from Gsp. Im not really complaining so much about him cutting all that weight. Its just that he was so much biggre than penn, why start showboating? Congrats Rory you beat up a guy half your size lol. It would be more acceptable if he did it against a guy his own size.

If you call that showboating, then the antics BJ pulled in many fights is also showboating. I don't see the outcry. Hypocrites.

LOL. If you make WW weight, you are a WW, if Penn can't cut it, he should have stayed at LW. Penn has fought the likes of Machida, come now.
12/9/12 11:52 AM
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I can respect most everything you said about him op.

He's what one would call "socially awkward". Personally I don't care about his lack of a charming personality, he's a pretty exciting fighter. I don't really care for the guys who bully other guys either, but this is fighting.

He is a very good fighter. No denying that

Yeah, he's really good. Last night I was like, damn, this dude is solid. Can't wait for him to fight Fitch - I dunno if he can keep Fitch off of him. If he beats Fitch, only realistic fight for him is GSP.


Rory's not going to win any fans by taunting BJ in the cage or the flashy footwork - What's funny though, I love to see Diaz talking shit. Maybe because I know for sure that Nick's a little nuts lol. It really just depends on the guy. Some of these guys are just socially awkward, like Jon Jones. Nothing that comes out of their mouth sounds good on camera and they'll never win any fans. MMA needs heels and these guys are there to provide !

You are right! With Diaz though, when they talk smack or showboat it fits thier personality. When they do it its not fake, that is just how those guys are. With On top of that they are usually smaller than the guys they are fighting.

With Mcdonal all that stuff seems mechanical and like he's trying to force it. And at least the diaz bros give their opponents props at the end of fights. The only reason Mcdonald did is because Rogan broght him back to it with a second question after rory was talking about condit.
12/9/12 11:57 AM
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Cityboy - I agree he has no charisma but i voted you down because everything you wrote afterward was that of an absolute hater. Ab out 95% of your post

I wasnt hating, I was just calling it like I see it.
And you stayed it in a very hater'ish manner.

I'm not calling you a hater but what you said was very hater'ish Phone Post

I just noticed alot of stuff I didnt particually care for as a fan of mma out him last night. Did you not notice? Maybe i'm wrong but he came off to me, at least last night as uncharismatic and classless.

A very dangerous fighter though
12/9/12 12:18 PM
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Wins By Stoppage: 92.31%

Doesn't seem like a point fighter to me. Phone Post
12/9/12 12:25 PM
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Agree 100% with OP. He handled everything about this whole BJ Penn thing badly. Calling out a smaller, much older fighter, talking trash(and not even doing it well), point fighting him, the BS foot shuffling, and the monotone challenge to Condit after. Ugh. At least Nick Diaz is entertaining and showed BJ a lot more respect.

OP voted up.

12/9/12 12:28 PM
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rory reminds me of volkmann.... void of any personality and painfully trying to compensate for it... the big difference though is that rory brings it in the cage... an awesome talent that I hope grows out of this need to be a character...
12/9/12 12:40 PM
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rrryan -  Macdonald::

Wins By Stoppage: 92.31%

Doesn't seem like a point fighter to me. Phone Post

I was talking more about the way he fought Bj last night. Had him hurt a few times and never went for the kill. Silva, Jones, jds, aldo, Hendo and most other greats when they have somoeone hurt like that they try to finish as opposed to keeping their distance.
12/9/12 12:43 PM
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bornop -  I was indifferent to Rory before last night. Now, I'm a fan. Phone Post


Dude definitely has personality, it IS charisma. You are blind if you don't see that...