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Seems like the Eddie Bravo vs. Gracie family rivalry won’t end after Metamoris 3.

Eleven years after Bravo’s historical submission victory over Royler Gracie at ADCC,they fought to a draw in a 20-minute, submission-only match at Metamoris 3 in Los Angeles, Calif., but the result wasn’t enough for Royce Gracie.

According to a report on the Underground, Royce Gracie went backstage looking for Bravo after the 20-minute match, and the MMA legend confirmed the story to MMAFighting.com.

"I wanted to talk to him for years, but never had the chance to meet him," Royce Gracie told MMAFighting.com on Monday. "I met him after the fight and he was there, throwing up. Royler dominated him so much, he did so much strength, that he threw up after the fight."

Royce Gracie said he liked what Bravo said on the mat after the rematch, but wasn’t happy with the comments he made about jiu-jitsu and the Gracie family in the past.

"I told him that I liked what he said after the fight, but didn’t like the fact that he always talked trash about Royler and my family," he said. "He stood up and started yelling, so I also raised the tone of my voice and told him I didn’t like it."

"He said he always gave my family credit, but I know it’s not true," Gracie continued. "He always talks trash about my family. Enough with this s---. He said he never talked bad about my family and he always gave us credit. He kept raising the tone of his voice, and I told him to shut up, so Jean Jacques (Machado) came in, said we didn’t need this and asked (Bravo) to leave."

Royce Gracie hasn’t competed in a grappling match since a controversial loss to Hidehiko Yoshida at PRIDE in 2002, and he won’t consider competing against Eddie Bravo in a future edition of Metamoris. However, he wouldn’t rule out a MMA fight with Bravo.

"Can we slap each other? Can we beat each other?" Gracie replied a laugh when asked if he’d accept to fight Bravo at Metamoris.

"I’m a vale-tudo fighter. I’m not a fighter to score points of fight with time limit. Let’s (fight) with no time limit and with punches allowed. I’m a vale-tudo fighter, I don’t compete in (grappling) tournaments."


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He said Royler dominated lol.

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"Royler dominated him much..." Huh? I wonder if I watched the wrong one? Phone Post 3.0
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It's a true sign of delusion when you think Royler won because Eddie was throwing up after the fight ....like...OMFG
3/31/14 12:37 PM
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Dude lives in his own little world. I used to have so much hespect for Royce. At this point he is a joke to me... Phone Post 3.0
3/31/14 12:41 PM
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idk how anyone can respect someone who is so delusional
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That whole paragraph is coloured completely from a bitter sad man's point of view.

If he thinks that Royler dominated, that probably means the entire dressing room on their side does too. Battle lines just got drawn darker because stark raving insanity.


"But I know he does" how about reference to some proof Mr. Bitter?

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Dominating? Royce must have been drunk. This event would have been perfect if it wasnt for Royce.

If Eddie Bravo only used strength.... doesn't technique override strength according to zhew-zitsu?

It was an incredible display if jiu-jitsu from Eddie and Royler. Its a shame what Royce did. Phone Post 3.0
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This guy also won, until he threw up, which means he lost I guess.

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Embarrassing to be a Gracie these days...All the older guys ruining it for everyone, acting like childs.
3/31/14 12:43 PM
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His vale-tudo getting to throw punches style didn't help him much against Matt Hughes. Phone Post 3.0
3/31/14 12:48 PM
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His comments are laughable. Has Eddie even made disparaging remarks towards the Gracies? I've never heard that. Phone Post 3.0
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Please Royce. This is ridiculous. I'm almost begging you not to say another word on the matter. Try and brush this under the carpet and act like it never happened.

I genuinely feel sorry for eddie. He always pays respects to the lineage. What did Royce want him to do?

It's childish and embarassing. Phone Post 3.0
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Someone tell Royce to shut his fucking mouth up! The guy hasn't been relevant in bjj or mma in YEARS and the last time he thought he could still hang, he got pounded out flat by Hughes. Eddie's has nothing but the utmost respect for the Gracie's, always giving credit where its due. Who the fuck is Royce? All he does is go around talking shit about everyone and everything. This is the same guy who talked shit about his own family and lied about using steriods (and got caught) Royce's mma is horrible, the guy made his name beating up a bunch of cans.
Go fuck yourself!
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Later Phone Post 3.0
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so can we say now that my 'source' for the original piece yesterday was accurate?

3/31/14 12:58 PM
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Did he pass the piss test? Phone Post 3.0
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Man. That's some Brazilian beach squabble shit.

Does anyone know what he's referring to with Eddie trash talking? I've never heard him trash the Gracies at all. Phone Post 3.0
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i hope the film crews backstage caught this on tape.
3/31/14 1:00 PM
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The Gracie Delusion strikes again! Phone Post 3.0
3/31/14 1:02 PM
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Maybe Royce can recreate the confrontation and sell it on DVD for only $19.99 + tax/S&H.
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BurnMyEyes - i hope the film crews backstage caught this on tape.
Someone said that bravo had a film crew back there filmingbforva documentary and they caught it on tape Phone Post 3.0
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This is embarrassing. Royce needs to sit out the next couple of plays there...
3/31/14 1:05 PM
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Chris -

so can we say now that my 'source' for the original piece yesterday was accurate?

I think it's fair to say that further corroboration is needed. Phone Post 3.0
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*filming for a Phone Post 3.0