UnderGround Forums Rumor: Michael Bisping vs Nick Diaz very possible

4/21/18 1:34 PM
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Now, the source is iffy. I know a guy who knows a guy that knows a cousin of nicks type of thing. He actually called me because he knows I wanna fuck Nick diaz( just playing). 

Now he tells me that this fight is probably going to happen. Here’s the problem. Nick will not fight in England. Bisping wants his last fight in England but will scrap that idea for Diaz in the states. You’re welcome if this is the case and I apologize if it’s bullshit. But I had to post about it because fucking NICK DIAZ is back!!!!!

4/21/18 1:41 PM
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Would love it.  Doubt it happens. I miss Nick.  When he isn't fighting, MMA isn't fun.

4/21/18 1:43 PM
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It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you are right. I hope you are not

4/21/18 1:48 PM
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The talking would be funny


and they’re both game AF and cardio machines

4/21/18 2:14 PM
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The Closed Guard -

The talking would be funny


and they’re both game AF and cardio machines



Bisping's podcast would be even funnier if they were slated to fight. They have to sign this fight for the podcast lolz alone. 

4/21/18 2:21 PM
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 Why did you say just playing?

4/21/18 2:22 PM
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4/21/18 2:24 PM
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I hope this fight does happen

4/21/18 3:27 PM
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Make the fight

4/21/18 3:39 PM
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dont hold your breathe

4/21/18 3:44 PM
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I kinda don't like it. what if Nick loses, that looks really bad.
4/21/18 3:47 PM
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Always thought this would be a great fight. Problem is I don’t know who to root for...

4/21/18 3:48 PM
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Would prefer if Nick Diaz fought @ 170 lbs. and tried to make moves towards the title
4/21/18 4:06 PM
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Put down the pipe sir and get a good nights sleep

4/21/18 4:07 PM
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I just...don’t care anymore. Nick Diaz v. Any WW excites me infinitely more than this. 

4/21/18 4:37 PM
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If nick still has it bisping is not a bad match up for him at 85. I think he’s best at 70 though. 

4/21/18 4:43 PM
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Good fight.. Nick needs a warmup fight though for it to be competitive. Ring rust will definitely be a factor if they just throw it together..

Edited: 4/21/18 4:45 PM
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dream fight and makes so much sense 

4/21/18 4:51 PM
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Oh gosh it’ll be hilarious to see Diaz get beat to a bloody pulp by pillow fist —- double the humiliation 


diaz: “oh my god ref stop the fucking fight, I don’t want to tap”


bisping: “not a chance boi, you can tap or get pillow fisted for the next 20mins!!” 

4/21/18 4:53 PM
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Keyword: Rumor. This never happens. Just like the Irish guy ever fighting again.

4/21/18 5:38 PM
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It’s a great fight to make. Good style matchup, should be a big enough name for Nick, no title on the line for the crybabies to whine about. Bisping said (a year or two ago) that him and Nick ran into each other and actually talked about a fight. 

This is one of the best fights they could make for either guy actually. 

4/21/18 5:39 PM
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Mix6APlix -

Keyword: Rumor. This never happens. Just like the Irish guy ever fighting again.

Never say never. Nicks training partner (Jason Manly) just made a thread a couple weeks ago that he’s planning on coming back. 

4/21/18 5:59 PM
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Bisping said recently (on mma roasted) if he comes back, it will be at 205. Would love to see this fight tho 

4/22/18 3:51 AM
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I hope it happens as Nick is one of my favorites to ever fight
4/22/18 4:03 AM
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oranos -

dream fight and makes so much sense