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2/2/13 3:58 PM
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Took the following post from another thread - and decided to make a new thread with it. One of the best posts I've read.

Here it is:

Back in the day, wand was a scary mofo, but dudes mad dogging are not half as scary as dudes with emotionless faces.

Creepy as fuck.

Fighting prime wand - I'm gonna get stomped in brawl.

Fighting prime fedor - I am going to die.

2/2/13 4:00 PM
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Axe murderer.

That is all Phone Post
2/2/13 4:03 PM
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Vanderlei Silva
2/2/13 4:03 PM
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I"m sorry but thinking about taking any of his shots to the body makes me wanna walk around in a bulletproof vest.

2/2/13 4:03 PM
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Kerr was a fucking monster... and would have wiped the mat with Wandy's lifeless body.
2/2/13 4:05 PM
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Wand and Cro Cop came to my mind straight away.
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igor Vovchanchyn was the original 'ice man'... Hit like a mule kicks.

He and Fedor were the kings of emotionless carnage.
2/2/13 4:07 PM
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Wand, Mirko, Igor Phone Post
2/2/13 4:07 PM
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Igor V Phone Post
2/2/13 4:08 PM
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Diego Sanchez Phone Post
2/2/13 4:10 PM
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Joe Moreira, clearly.
2/2/13 4:16 PM
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Axe Murderer ftw Phone Post
2/2/13 4:16 PM
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I agree, it's Fedor.
2/2/13 4:21 PM
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ax murderer
especially if i was the 195 pound Japanese dude standing across from him
2/2/13 4:23 PM
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Until Fedor started knocking people out cold with one punch.

Shit just got real.
2/2/13 4:23 PM
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Sweet Daddy Bear - Scariest was Kerr, hands down.

You don't get to say Fedor because nobody watched this fights with Noguiera, etc, thinking about how he was going to mow them down and destroy them. We were in awe of his ability to pull out the win no matter what.

We thought Kerr was going to kill people dead.

This man speaks the truth and was obvious watching NHB at the time.

It's a shame that so few people acknowledge just how scary Kerr was during his brief peak in the sport.
2/2/13 4:23 PM
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early on i think alot of people feared tank abbott

pride wand was the most intimidating
2/2/13 4:26 PM
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Coleman !!! Phone Post
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I watched Kerr in those days. Oh yeah, he was brutal alright. But I guess I've always been in awe of the one (or two) punch devastation knockout. Like as if a bomb had just been dropped and now the opponent might be going to the cemetery.
2/2/13 4:27 PM
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+1 for Kerr

Kerr always looked scared in his fights, which led to him fighting with a kind of desperation - I will hurt you before you hurt me. Like a caged animal kind of thing.

Add to that he was 250lb+ and a fkin beast, and he's def the scariest fighter you could have seen across the cage
2/2/13 4:30 PM
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That dude Barnett just fought in Strikeforce. Scary looking dude, not much of an mma fighter Phone Post
2/2/13 4:35 PM
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Kerr sure wasn't very scary to Igor. Phone Post
2/2/13 5:30 PM
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Royce in the early UFC's, didn't he make Art jimmerson tap just by mounting him?
2/2/13 5:31 PM
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Samoa - Wand, Mirko, Igor Phone Post
Yup. Phone Post
2/2/13 5:37 PM
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Heyzeus80 - That dude Barnett just fought in Strikeforce. Scary looking dude, not much of an mma fighter Phone Post
Troll? Phone Post