UnderGround Forums Sergio Pettis fights tonight

9/28/13 1:30 PM
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NAFC: Battle At The Ballroom in Milwaukee. Don't think it's televised.

Sergio Pettis (8-0) vs James Porter (5-1)

Will be attending. WAR SERG.
9/28/13 1:53 PM
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Cool, let us know how it goes down.
9/28/13 2:00 PM
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Gotta support the Wisconsin fighters! War Pettis!
9/28/13 2:02 PM
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Hopefully he get another w ... I thought he was fighting for legacy fights ? I must have gotten it mixed up but I thought he was fighting in a decent organization ... Phone Post 3.0
9/28/13 2:03 PM
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thx for the heads up, seems like it might be on the Fight Network

9/28/13 2:04 PM
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He's champ in RFA, but they are cool and letting him fight with another org tonight in his hometown. Phone Post
9/28/13 2:24 PM
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Hope this guy is as good as his brother. Can't wait to see him in the UFC. Phone Post
9/28/13 2:25 PM
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Is he a cheese head Phone Post
9/28/13 2:31 PM
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he's ready for the UFC.

9/28/13 2:53 PM
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I agree.

I think his ticket is punched tonight with an impressive victory.
9/28/13 4:05 PM
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Thanks man! VU!! He's one of my favorites. I never even heard this one announced?! Phone Post 3.0
9/28/13 4:18 PM
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Sub Phone Post 3.0
9/28/13 4:28 PM
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The fight will be at bantamweight. They're testing the water. I think that's his long-term home.

There was an overreaction to one significant reach disadvantage that made him struggle a bit. Well, he still won, and I think the bigger issue was lack of experience. Sergio was the better athlete. He should have gotten aggressive, cut angles, and set traps to make up the distance. Once he did, he virtually dominated on the feet. Also, he could have used his speed and power advantage to take the guy down. Jones was a striker, not bjj guy or wrestler.

In addition, I think a factor in it was earlier entry into the UFC because they were perceived to need flyweights, but as it turned it they didn't want that many and with their limited roster couldn't take it slowly with Sergio, so that plan may have backfired. Anyways, I don't think that's good cause to decide your weight class. The cuts are already rough for a kid who'll only get bigger, and the earning potential at fly isn't as good.

Hopefully Sergio is back at bantamweight to stay after this fight. Anthony and Sergio, first UFC champion real bros in 2017, at lw and bw, respectively.
9/28/13 4:37 PM
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Little known fact, he's had an offer already and turned it down.

I like it. He wants to be ready, and it sounds like he feels he is now. Phone Post
9/28/13 11:30 PM
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Pettis wins by first round kimura Phone Post
9/28/13 11:48 PM
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Got on his knees and said he's ready for the UFC. Give him a call Dana. Phone Post
9/28/13 11:49 PM
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Sergio Pettis MMA Highlight

9/28/13 11:54 PM
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Thanks for the updates, vtfu. I hope I can find a video, guy is already a killer at a very young age. Phone Post 3.0
9/28/13 11:58 PM
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Vote up.

9/29/13 12:05 AM
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9/29/13 12:11 AM
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Top game is the one area where he's discernibly better than Showtime, and it's by a wide margin. Anthony doesn't have much of a top game to speak of, at least that we've seen in official matches. All his subs are from the bottom. Sergio is winning by arm triangle, kimura, and guillotine.

That said, while I think he's a very bright prospect, who'll be a factor in the UFC, I don't think he'll ever reach Anthony's level. Anthony has that it factor and functional athleticism you can't teach. He can move like nobody else, is clutch, and has an unmatched will to win. He notoriously won a fight earlier in his career, after being on his back sporting a dislocated shoulder. He proceeded to get up anyway, and knock the dude out in short order. It's things like that, in conjunction with his freakish fluid athleticism and well-rounded skill set, which should have told you we have a special fighter on our hands, one with real GOAT potential regardless of division.
9/29/13 12:28 AM
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Good for Pettis, hope to see a video of the fight.

He is def ready to get a shot, maybe one more fight in the RFA at the end of the year or early next year and then he will get the call to the UFC.

The question is will it be at Flyweight or BW?  He said on mmajunkie this wasnt a permanent move to BW yet, that he can still fight at BW or Fly but he is young and it is getting harder to make the weight.

I say he try to get in the UFC as a Flyweight.  The div needs more fighters and prospects and he would be a big name prospect in the div.  BW is gonna be his home in the UFC at some point thought but I say try Flyweight first just to get in the door.

I say defend the RFA Flyweight title one more time.

9/29/13 12:44 AM
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DFW just tweeted a congrats to Anthony. Phone Post
9/29/13 12:48 AM
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Dana White ?@danawhite 42m

"@Showtimepettis: Congrats to my lil bro!!! Big win 2nite @ufc here we come @danawhite pettis bros taking over!!!" Congrats
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9/29/13 12:49 AM
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Dana just retweeted what Anthony said, looks like he is UFC bound real soon.