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3/23/04 6:43 PM
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I've heard some stories recently about Dan Severn having a history of doing worked mma matches? can anyone elaborate on this? was there any proof, or just specualtion?
3/23/04 6:44 PM
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3/23/04 6:51 PM
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Someone on the OZ (Australasia) forum pasted an extract from an IFC press release showing the IFC had suspended him for a period due to a Work he did with Travis Fulton. I'll see if I can find it. James.
3/23/04 6:52 PM
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From: adambjjoz Date: 03/20/04 10:04 AM Member Since: 09/09/2003 17 Total Posts Ignore User Here is the link to the story reported by one of the MMA news sites, with official statements etc.... http://www.fcfighter.com/ifcdsbltf.htm Press release from the IFC: IFC Suspends Fighters The IFC has suspended Travis Fulton and Dan Severn from fighting in any IFC events until further notice. Also, Ms. Becki [sp] Levi who functions as manager and second to Dan Severn has been suspended from further representation of fighters until further notice. The suspensions are effective immediately. The suspensions are the result of an apparent violation of IFC rules about predetermining the outcome of a fight. During the fight between Severn and Fulton on June 30th, it became apparent to referee Mason White that Travis Fulton was holding back from punching Dan Severn when Fulton had Severn in a full mount. Upon questioning following the fight, Fulton disclosed that prior to the fight Becki [sp] Levi approached him on behalf of Dan Severn. At that meeting, Levi told Fulton that they don't want this fight unless they get paid more money, Fulton claims that Levi said to go easy and guarantee Severn the victory or they would not fight. Fulton accepted.
3/23/04 7:01 PM
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Fulton, Levi and Severn have always denied the claims made by the IFC.
3/23/04 7:08 PM
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what... the...... fuck........?
3/23/04 7:19 PM
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Fulton vs Severn WAS NOT A WORK. Fulton has a broken hand, and Severn had gotten to the arena really late. Levi asked Fulton if they could have an agreement on no punching on the ground and Fulton accepted. IFC got all pissed off about it and made a bunch of shit up. End of story.
3/23/04 7:37 PM
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3/23/04 7:44 PM
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EINUX, fultons thread "worst promoter of all", he freely admits doing the work with severn.
3/23/04 7:48 PM
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wontsubmit is correct. Fulton freely admitted this work. He also said there were a lot more works in mma than any of us might know.
3/23/04 7:49 PM
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does anyone have a link to the thread?
3/23/04 7:50 PM
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Wontsubmit has just taken down the correct and pounded it into submission.
3/23/04 7:50 PM
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p.s. I ttt'ed the thread
3/23/04 7:57 PM
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Fulton's Quote:

"Ive had a couple. Never on a large scale.

vs Dan Severn in DZ (this was 2 weeks after Rizzo hurt Severn very bad in the UFC and he had to compete in a small show. He needed an opponent. Nobody cared it was a house show)

vs Ryan Dunphy in Extreme Challenge we went to a draw vs Tom Proctor in Arizona show. vs Bruce Nelson in Sabin show we went to a draw vs Matt something in a freestyle combat show we went to a draw

these are my worked fights. Fights with a predetermined outcome."

3/23/04 7:59 PM
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thankx fightwatcher. damn about works in MMA, esp. severn, he seems to have a rep for being such a gentleman.
3/23/04 9:04 PM
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"Do not try to discredit the BEAST. He is a true MMA legend." He was a legend, but he's tarnishing his career accomplishments these days. He's too old, his body just can't keep up. He's done.
3/23/04 9:15 PM
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Severn did a worked match against Takada in the UWFi.
3/23/04 9:20 PM
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Seven has more works than quaker has oats. my 2 cents
3/23/04 9:30 PM
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There were a couple of real matches in the UWFi.
3/23/04 9:36 PM
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I remeber one of Dan's UWFI matches that I watched on PPV where some Russian guy picked Dan up in the airplane spin, spun him like 6 times and then dropped him...jumped on top of him and tapped him with an armbar. Pretty funny stuff.
3/23/04 9:40 PM
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He's fighting this weekend in Massachusetts:


3/23/04 9:50 PM
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Oh man. why wasn't this promoted beforehand. I would love to see him fight but this w/e is booked.
3/23/04 11:01 PM
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(Edited because I referred to the Severn-Fulton "no strikes on the ground" match as being in the IFC, when it was actually the WEC they fought in) Severn & Fulton fought one another several times. Einux is correct on their match in the WEC. It wasn't a work, just an agreement not to punch while on the ground. Take note of what Fulton said in his post.....He said his match with Severn in "DZ" was a work. "DZ" stands for Danger Zone, which was a different match than the one they had in the WEC.
3/24/04 1:34 AM
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This weekend should be a good match. 

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3/24/04 1:44 AM
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They are referring to the fight in the WEC. I've never denied the worked fight in the DZ. Severn was hurt, but he was the headliner of his own event. He had to be on the card. Get your facts straight Mr. Nelson.