UnderGround Forums Sherdog article bullcrap Forrest Rampage opinions

7/8/08 1:26 AM
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First off I never gave my opinion on the fight being scored wrong to anyone esp a reporter from Sherdog.

I never spoke to any media about my opinion the fight.

I think its bullshit that Sherdog quoted me .

First off I think the fight was a great one.

Second I feel the decision was a fair one.

I think Forrest is an inspiration and fought his heart out.

His career is an inspiration and story book.

He did a great job fought like a true champion against Rampage and his entire career.

He deserves to be UFC champion and I take my hat off to him.

On the other hand Rampage fought his heart out as well an will be back, He has come back from alot worse an himself is a great fighter an inspiration.

I think the fight was a great battle of wills. Both guys gave it there all and Im proud to be friends with both of them.

Thats my opinion on Forrest Griffon and Rampage Jackson.

Im in England now and just wanted to address this stupid article on Sherdog.

Again I never made those comments and am proud of both fighters and there efforts.

I hope to fight with as much heart an courage this weekend in England.


Phil B
7/8/08 1:27 AM
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oh shit...
7/8/08 1:27 AM
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Good luck brother...
7/8/08 1:27 AM
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 The New York Mother Fucking Badass.
7/8/08 1:28 AM
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A man will get lonely in England.

7/8/08 1:29 AM
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 Shit ive been in a cave the past few weeks! who is Phil fighting and what org?
7/8/08 1:30 AM
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It wasn't me.
7/8/08 1:31 AM
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Phil is awesome. Cant wait to have him back in Icon on Aug 2nd.
7/8/08 1:50 AM
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What the fuck is wrong with Sherdog's staff once again...
7/8/08 1:54 AM
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 Here is the mis-quote in question...

Phil Baroni (Pictures): I don't know how two judges gave Forrest that first round, man. That's some bulls---. I thought Rampage clearly won the fight. That first round could have been 10-8 for Rampage!
7/8/08 1:57 AM
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7/8/08 1:59 AM
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Cool beans Phil; kick some ass and take some names!
7/8/08 2:00 AM
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 Wow... that is seriously f*d up! Thanks for coming on and outing those bastids, Phil.
7/8/08 2:16 AM
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Baroni is good for the sport.
7/8/08 2:18 AM
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I don't know...something doesn't seem right about this. No one is going to write a report based on fighter quotes and then fabricate the quotes...that's a guaranteed way to get fired.

I'm guessing either Mike Sloan didn't verify his sources properly or Phil doesn't want to be quoted as saying something against Forrest. Regardless of whether Phil said it or not, they probably shouldn't have run the story without approval from the fighters...this is a touchy subject.
7/8/08 2:20 AM
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Phil is NEVER one to shy away from comments he made, he wouldn't lie.
7/8/08 2:27 AM
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nyhcloyalty - Phil is NEVER one to shy away from comments he made, he wouldn't lie.

That may be true and I don't know him personally. Has Sloan been sloppy with his sources in the past?
7/8/08 2:32 AM
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Slap a lawsuit on those cocksuckers.
7/8/08 2:33 AM
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 NYC is good for the sport
7/8/08 3:28 AM
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Are you saying Sherdog is unprofessional? It can't be!!!
7/8/08 3:35 AM
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 ^^^NO WAY! Dios Mio! Sherdog not completely reputable! Hopefully, the hyper intelligent black belts on their forum can shed some light onto this!
7/8/08 3:48 AM
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 While I do frequent Sherdog part of me would love to see this whole article blow up in their faces.  Thanks for clearing things up Phil.  Can't wait for your next fight, 170 should be fun.
Edited: 7/8/08 4:17 AM
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I just want to clear this up. Im friends with both guys. I train often with Forest and never said those comments. Nor do I feel that way.
I think its bull shit to be quoted as saying such.
Im proud of both fighters and wish I had a way to tell Forrest congrats and shake his hand before I left

That article should be taken down or atleast have my quote taken out.


Phil B
7/8/08 4:21 AM
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Thanks for clearing that up Phil. Who are you fighting next? I am always a fan and always look forward to you fighting.

Shitdog really sucks balls and the administrators and moderators that run that joint are a bunch of nazi power hungry fags.
7/8/08 4:26 AM
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Phil, can you make this same thread over at the Heavyweights main forum at Sherdog to rub in in the asshole editor's face?

Sherwood needs to quit drinking the eggnog so much.