UnderGround Forums Shogun vs Franklin

2/25/13 10:25 AM
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I think this would be a fun LHW fight. How do you see it playing out? Phone Post
2/25/13 10:28 AM
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Shogun is done bro

I think He should have 1 more fight vs Glover and if he looses he has to fight on the prelims

and if he looses that he sould get cut

2/25/13 10:55 AM
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Shogun vs Franklin sounds like a fun fight, I agree.

2/25/13 11:08 AM
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I think Franklin recently stepped one foot in “Forrest/BJ territory” where he is still signed to the UFC but Dana thinks he should retire. He’s not there yet but he is getting there …. Even on his win against Wandy, he was basically out from GnP on 2nd round.