UnderGround Forums Should this fight have been stopped?

11/23/12 1:33 PM
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Your friend didnt get robbed at all.

When he dropped the other guy the guy was fighting like hell not to take too much punishment.

He was throwing up kicks liek crazy and as the round ended had your friend in a triangle.

When your friend was pinned up against the cage he was doing nothing plain and simple. He wasnt fighting back and certainly wasnt trying to advance his position!

Like you said your biased but your friend gassed and got worked.


11/24/12 7:28 PM
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Eh, I appreciate the honesty fellas but I disagree with some of you. As for the guy saying Alex has a long way to go to he on the other guys level your wrong. That wasn't a tenth of what he's capable of, it was his first fight. He will win the rematch, just watch:) Phone Post