UnderGround Forums Silva 5ft 11 vs litter. 6,2 on UFC official bio...

1/19/13 9:43 AM
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Which is correct?

Re watched this fight and he was listed at 5,11 during the tale of the tape...seems taller than that to me and 6,2 probably seems more accurate but it got me thinking, how accurate are the heights specified? Is this info collated and supplied by athletic commissions or is it solely supplied by the fighters org? We all know rasslin' has exaggerated these stats for years, how does it work for a sanctioned organisation? Phone Post
1/19/13 9:46 AM
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1/19/13 9:48 AM
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Every pro sport exaggerates size. Phone Post
1/19/13 9:50 AM
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UGCTT_stu0411 - Litter. Lol. Litter. Fucking phone. Phone Post
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1/19/13 9:54 AM
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He used to lie about his height so his opponents expected someone smaller IIRC. Phone Post
1/19/13 9:58 AM
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Really? I guess that means it is org determined then. Phone Post