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12/3/12 2:49 PM
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Siyar Bahadurzada vs. Dan Hardy possible for UFC on Fuel 7 in London.

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

A welterweight bout between Dan Hardy and Siyar Bahadurzada could be coming to UFC on Fuel 7 in London in February, though the bout is not yet signed.

In comments made to Tatame.com, Bahadurzada said he's waiting for Hardy to accept the fight, but it's one he's definitely interested in.

"It's just rumor, but if Hardy accepts, I'd love to fight him in his yard," Bahadurzada said. "It would be an interesting fight, though I think I am a terrible struggle for him. He [would] not survive the first round."

The 28-year-old Afghani fighter made his UFC debut in April, knocking out Paulo Thiago at UFC on Fuel 2 in Sweden. He was supposed to return in July, but suffered an injury that took him out of UFC 149. Hardy picked up a decision win over Amir Sadollah at UFC on Fuel 5 in September, his second straight win following a four-fight losing streak.

Penick's Analysis: This could be a really good fight if the UFC books it. Bahadurzada is a vicious striker, and a bout with Hardy would almost assuredly be entertaining. Bahadurzada may be deserving of a fight higher up the ladder, but he'd be no less than a co-main event on this Fuel card against Hardy in London. Because of that, it's a fight that does make sense for him, and if it comes together it's a good fight for the London fans.
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hardys getting knocked out

12/3/12 2:52 PM
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Would be a great fight. Think Siyar takes him out, would be a high level name for Siyar.

Def could be Fuel main or co main event.
12/3/12 2:54 PM
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Bad matchup for Hardy Phone Post
12/3/12 2:56 PM
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bornop -  Hardy is going to turn it down, if he wouldn't fight Riddle there's no way he fights Siyar Phone Post

Most likely.
12/3/12 3:07 PM
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Hardy outwrestled Sadollah in Nottingham. Maybe he would try to do the same with Siyar
12/3/12 3:13 PM
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Do want.

12/3/12 3:25 PM
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It's interesting how Hardy has said he's taking baby steps with his career after his string of losses. Problem is that there is no baby steps in the ufc. Hardy should have asked his bff Lorenzo to allow him to go to Bamma for 3 fights.

Riddle and Sodalla should have started on a smaller show as well. Phone Post
12/3/12 5:05 PM
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This fight would be awesome, definitely hope it's true. Phone Post
12/3/12 5:14 PM
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InYourMomaCloset - 

Interesting fight.

I wish Paul Daley was still around.

Would have loved to see him Vs Siyar the loudmouth.

Hardy could be a great fight, but when Siyar lands them bombs it could be an early night for any fighter.

Siyar Vs Erik Silva would be better.

They gotta build Silva up again. I don't think they want the Afghani Killa to permanently disfigure Silva's pretty fave.
12/3/12 5:28 PM
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Itll be awesome to see Siyar finish Hardy, I cant even see him taking that fight...
12/3/12 5:35 PM
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Hardy is gonna get hurt.  I would be surprised if Zuffa doesnt give him a more winnable fight.

12/3/12 5:43 PM
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It will be interesting to see if Hardy can work his ground game against Siyar like he did against Amir.

The standup exchanges in this fight will be very entertaining to watch. Don't see this one going the distance if I'm being honest... Phone Post
12/3/12 6:26 PM
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I doubt he'll accept it but kudos if he does as I'm sure he's aware it's a very tough fight for him.

Perhaps hardy vs paulo thiago Phone Post
12/4/12 2:06 PM
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bornop -  Hardy is going to turn it down, if he wouldn't fight Riddle there's no way he fights Siyar Phone Post

Dan Hardy says he's not ready to return by February's UFC on Fuel 7 event in London

By: Jamie Penick, MMATorch Editor-in-Chief

Dan Hardy will not be fighting in London this February, as he will not be ready to get back into the cage until a little later in 2013.

That's what he told Siyar Bahadurzada on Twitter when the bout was proposed to him.

"Sorry mate, I won't be ready to fight in February," Hardy wrote. "Enjoy fighting in London though, the UFC fans are always great."

According to a report from MMAWeekly.com, Hardy is likely to return in April, though he hasn't yet explicitly stated his intended return time.

Penick's Analysis: That would have been a good welterweight fight, and it's possible they could still meet depending on how quickly Bahadurzada wants to get back into the cage. And there's got to be something keeping Hardy out beyond February, because he and the UFC surely would have liked to have him on the London card.
12/4/12 2:13 PM
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Forget this then.
Siyar vs Che Mills. BOOM! we got a better fight
12/4/12 2:23 PM
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LOL@ Hardy. He last fought on September 29 and didn't take any damage. He needs more time off now?

Nah, the UFC's got to line up someone he can definitely beat before he steps up.

In the meantime, let's watch Chris Lytle choke Hardy out:



12/4/12 2:38 PM
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War siyar!!! Shame we haven't seen anything from him since his impressive UFC debut. Phone Post
12/4/12 3:14 PM
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whats this im hearing.... hardy wont fight siyar, my ass,

hardy will fight anyone!!!
12/4/12 3:27 PM
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Hardy declined the fight when Sitar asked him. Said he didn't have time to get ready for London. Phone Post
12/4/12 3:58 PM
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Dan needs to win a couple more fights before he steps in with Siyar, I like Hardy but it's a smart move, he has only just got back in the win column after a bad spell Phone Post
12/4/12 4:02 PM
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"Don't worry Mr. Hardy. We have a lovely parting gift for you. A highlight reel KO at the hands of Siyar." Phone Post
12/4/12 4:07 PM
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RobinHood - Me want this fight to happen. Phone Post
Me want too. Phone Post
12/4/12 4:19 PM
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DoomFarmer - Hardy/Paulo Thiago is a fight that needs to happen, IMO.

Uggh no. Thiago has lost 2 in a row, Hardy has won 2 in a row.
12/4/12 5:18 PM
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Fabes -
RobinHood - Me want this fight to happen. Phone Post
Me want too. Phone Post
Me want too more. :( Phone Post