UnderGround Forums So JDS was a joke and u all knew it right?

12/30/12 2:12 AM
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Am I right? He was a bum and he fought cans and Cain was recovering from chemo their first fight? Phone Post
12/30/12 2:18 AM
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OP seems very upset.

12/30/12 2:19 AM
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DoomFarmer - Look man, people wrote Cain off as a joke just as bad after the first fight.

Did you make this thread then, too?

Or only when the guy you liked lost? Phone Post
I'm a huge Cain fan I was actually split on who I wanted to win. After the first fight I kept my faith in Cain and I didn't write him off. I thought Cain was and is as good as he was thought to be.

I just don't like that this board is full of fair weather fans. Pick a guy and stick behind him. Phone Post