3/29/14 11:26 PM
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Palhares vs Fitch.
I thought Fitch the bitch said he'd never fight Palhares?
How's this gonna work? Phone Post 3.0
3/29/14 11:29 PM
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Paul Harris by leg amputation... Fitch won't keep it off the ground.. It will be like his fight with Maia but Paul Harris finishes it Phone Post 3.0
3/30/14 12:12 AM
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When Fitch signed with WSoF I thought for sure he'd be their champ within a year. It looks like that might never happen now.
3/30/14 12:15 AM
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I've always, always disliked Fitch, but much hespect to him for taking on this monster Paul Yarris.

What a total fucking mismatch though. Someone that can only win by laying on people, laying on someone who will pretzel your heel.

I hope the odds don't come in too realistic when the lines open on this one.