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1/25/13 5:21 PM
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Sonnen and Jones now friends?


Having spent so much time together in recent weeks taping The Ultimate Fighter, the days of Sonnen trash-talking Jones seem too long gone. Despite the fact that they are preparing to fight each other on April 27, they really do seem like friends.

So are they actually

“Yeah we are [friends],” Sonnen said. “The single most disappointing part about going through this coaching process was finding out what a nice and genuine and passionate person that he is. [Spending so much time with someone] is really a recipe for disaster. Most of the time tensions fly… but for whatever reason Jon’s and my personality really hit it off.

Jones does not entirely agree with such a flowery characterization, though

“Oh no, me and Chael are not friends,” he quickly interjects. “We’re far from friends. We’re definitely more friendly than I would have expected, but that’s just my nature – I’m a friendly person.”

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1/25/13 5:29 PM
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Cmon Jones, can you just try and not be a douche?
1/25/13 6:00 PM
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They both were complimentary of each other on Opie and Anthony the other day.

1/25/13 6:01 PM
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As long as they still try to smash each others' faces and don't try to reenact Borat, they could be BFFs for all I care. Phone Post
1/25/13 6:07 PM
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I thinks it's more hype up but I could see them marrying and adopting a mixed baby Phone Post
1/25/13 6:07 PM
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Frank Gallagher -
The Cats Masher - One sided friendship IMO

Dangerous for sonnen...

:| Phone Post
Lol Phone Post
Lol, Sonnen is just baiting the weaker minded Jones.
He knows they aren't friends, but if he repeats it enough Jones will go soft and Sonnen will become the LHW Champ Phone Post
1/25/13 6:45 PM
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How about that. The "Christian" doesn't want to be friends Phone Post
1/25/13 6:49 PM
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Chael is such a trolling genius. It's all a ploy to penetrate Jones' head

1/25/13 6:59 PM
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I think JBJ said something along the lines of there being Chael the character, and Chael the person. He found out they are very different. Obviously Chael is not the loud mouth guy he is on interviews. Not that shocked that they actually get along.
1/25/13 7:35 PM
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Nick Fury - Chael is setting Bones up for the kill. This ones going to be a masterpiece.

I truly hope that to be the case buuuuuuut........
1/25/13 7:39 PM
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The is just never extreme as you want to believe

They probably dont love each other, probably dont hate each other either.
1/25/13 7:42 PM
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LOL, doesn't matter what Jon or Chael says, somebody will always claim a 'masterful troll'.

The Internet has truly melted people's brains.


1/25/13 8:21 PM
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Chael is going the unexpected route of trying to kill JBJ with kindness.
1/25/13 10:20 PM
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Internet - melting brains since the 1990's

1/26/13 12:24 AM
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LilBrockonmychest -
ssj - Chael showing maturity against a boy

Oh shut the fuck up.  If the roles were reversed, you'd all be creaming your pants on how Sonnen "sonned" and is "trolling" him.

Why you so angry?
Jones is a bad Christian. Phone Post
1/26/13 1:08 AM
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1/26/13 1:09 AM
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