7/27/12 11:28 AM
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Sorry to all my fans hoping to see me back in the big show. We were talking to the UFC about the dc fight in sf and agreed to it. But for some reason they picked mir instead. It is what it is at least I was considered so maybe in the near future I will be back thanks for all of your support. Phone Post
7/27/12 11:30 AM
Posts: 397
Would you be interested in fighting Barnet? Phone Post
7/27/12 11:31 AM
Posts: 15038
Hope you make it back Tim!

Keep at it!
7/27/12 11:33 AM
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 Bellator ?
7/27/12 11:33 AM
Posts: 2747
You'll be back Phone Post
7/27/12 11:33 AM
Posts: 5492
junobeach - Tim you should consider OneFC or SFL they are gonna be big

 Bellator too.
7/27/12 11:34 AM
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Bellator. Phone Post
7/27/12 11:35 AM
Posts: 184
Keep your head up. I think you'd be a great matchup for Brendan Schaub.
7/27/12 11:40 AM
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Should go for the Barnett fight.

Is he not also contracted for another fight? Phone Post
7/27/12 11:42 AM
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 fight barnett!!!
7/27/12 11:42 AM
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Dont deflate. You got some heat form the big show which means you are on the right track. You never know what will happen so keep training and keep your spirits up Tim!
7/27/12 11:45 AM
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Yamie Jagerbomb - Keep your head up. I think you'd be a great matchup for Brendan Schaub.
Yeah, THAT'S gonna help.. Phone Post
7/27/12 11:47 AM
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Get a couple more wins Tim, you're already on their radar. Baby steps, brother. Phone Post
7/27/12 11:48 AM
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You have fans awaiting your return Tim....good luck until then Phone Post
7/27/12 11:51 AM
Posts: 2628
Hope to see you fighting on tv soon Tim Phone Post
7/27/12 11:51 AM
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Keep at it Tim. Good luck my man.
7/27/12 11:53 AM
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Id like to see you back Tim. Phone Post
7/27/12 11:59 AM
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Just keep fighting and winning, you will be bag in the big show.. Phone Post
7/27/12 12:02 PM
Posts: 236
BELLATOR DUDE, $$$$ Phone Post
7/27/12 12:04 PM
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Obi Wan Jabroni - Keep at it Tim. Good luck my man.
7/27/12 12:04 PM
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Go grab another win Tim, pretty soon they'll have no other choice but to put u in there. I think you and josh Barnett would be a great match up Phone Post
7/27/12 12:08 PM
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Tim, you are taking this screwjob like a man. hopefully zuffa will notice this and keep you on the radar for later.
7/27/12 12:11 PM
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Bring Tim back! Phone Post
7/27/12 12:12 PM
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dc would have most likely beat tim, lets be realistic. thats why they went with mir. i hope tim keeps training hard though, he has the tools to beat both those guys if he can stay focused and train seriously.

best of luck tim
Edited: 7/27/12 12:17 PM
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Keep tallying up the wins, and you'll be one highlight-reel stoppage from your goal.

And stay in fighting shape, we want to see the best Maine-iac when opportunity only gives two-weeks notice. At the rate injuries are happening, it's only a matter of time until you get a chance.