3/26/13 4:39 AM
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I appologize to all those that came to UFC 158 for the lack of follow up. I had an amazing time and it was wonderful meeting you all.

After the event I found out my best friend was found in a ditch frozen last Monday morning. She fought a hard fight but unfortunately she passed a few hours earlier today.

I want to thank all those that attended and I will post something noteworthy in time but I am all kinds of fucked up at the moment and again I am sorry.

3/26/13 4:45 AM
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Brother, I'm sorry for your loss. Anyone will understand and should not be impatient. This is really tragic and awful news and I just hope that your friend did not suffer nor was harmed in any nefarious way. I can't even imagine what it's like to lose a best friend. Be strong, brother and know that you're very well liked on this forum! Phone Post
3/26/13 4:53 AM
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Thanks. I spent most of the week at the hospital and now I am home alone and crawled into a bottle. Not the most gallant thing to do but seemed like a better idea than to question the answer to life, the universe and everything.
3/26/13 5:13 AM
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Sorry to hear that Nic. I hope you are doing alright.

My condolences :( Phone Post
3/26/13 5:21 AM
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hope you get through ok


3/26/13 5:28 AM
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Understandable that you are questioning everything at the moment. Just remember though, as another guy said before, you are well liked around here and if you need to vent you will get a lot of support mate. Phone Post
3/26/13 5:32 AM
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Sorry to hear Phone Post
3/26/13 6:58 AM
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I am incredibly sorry to hear that, man. I know that I've not interacted with you on here in any fashion aside from reading your posts because I rarely make any of my own, but if there is literally anything I or anyone else can do for you please let us know. You have always come across as a very cool dude and I am sorry again for your loss.
3/26/13 7:17 AM
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Sorry for your loss, that's terrible. I'm from mtl and it's really sad to hear that tibleu, be strong. Phone Post
3/26/13 7:43 AM
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Very sorry to hear man. Heartfelt condolences and prayers sent from FL. You are one of the good guys around here. Let us know if there is anything we can do. Phone Post
3/26/13 7:56 AM
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If you can talk about it, do you know what happened?


My condolences and stay strong.  You're one of the good ones OP.

3/26/13 8:02 AM
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Damn. RIP. my condolences. Phone Post
Edited: 3/26/13 8:11 AM
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Thanks a lot everyone. I am now reduced to a drunken babling fool. This was my soul mate (no perks) and I just felt bad I left everyone hanging. Life fucking sucks sometimes. A lot. Going nuts alone at home.

3/26/13 8:14 AM
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Damn, I'm sorry for your loss. RIP. Phone Post
3/26/13 8:29 AM
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Bisping=Gatekeeper4Life - Understandable that you are questioning everything at the moment. Just remember though, as another guy said before, you are well liked around here and if you need to vent you will get a lot of support mate. Phone Post
. Phone Post
3/26/13 9:35 AM
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Sorry for your loss brother ... Phone Post
3/26/13 9:43 AM
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Sorry for your loss.

If you feel comfortable, could you elaborate at all? Not knowing any details it's bizarre to hear that your friend was found frozen in a ditch. Did she crash her car into a ditch? Was it the result of too much partying? Did it happen while you were at UFC 158? I hope I'm not being too probing and feel free to not answer.

Also, don't drink too much... it tends to just make things worse.

3/26/13 10:00 AM
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RIP... Oh and the answer to your question is 42 :) Phone Post
3/26/13 10:10 AM
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THAT is horribly fucked up man. Keep your head up bro.
3/26/13 10:18 AM
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Sorry to hear brother...

My sincere condolences

3/26/13 10:19 AM
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Sorry to hear about you loss man RIP

3/26/13 10:21 AM
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Sorry to hear ...
3/26/13 10:41 AM
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Sorry for your loss.  My thoughts are with you.

3/26/13 11:02 AM
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inf0 - 



hope you get through ok


s0 s0rry

3/26/13 11:12 AM
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Holy shit dude that's terrible, I'm sorry you're havin to deal with this right now, this is rough Phone Post