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11/15/13 11:14 PM
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St-Pierre vs. Hendricks


The UFC 167 main event features a UFC world welterweight title fight between champion Georges St-Pierre and challenger Johny Hendricks.

Title Fight Georges "Rush" St-Pierre Vs. Johny Hendricks
Fight was scheduled for 5 rounds (5x5x55x5x5) - Fight was for the Welterweight Title
Name Georges St-Pierre Georges St-Pierre
Height 5′ 11″ (180.34 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 24-2-0
Team Tristar Gym
Name Johny Hendricks Johny Hendricks
Height 5′ 9″ (175.26 cm)
Weight 170 (77.11 kg)
Record 15-1-0
-To Be Decided
11/15/13 11:16 PM
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War Georges!

11/15/13 11:24 PM
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So pumped for this fight. Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 12:39 AM
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Georges via Submission round 4 Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 1:17 AM
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As good as he is creating distance, not sure why Georges doesnt avoid strikes to his head. Taking a step back and covering up wont work this time.

The Jake Shields fights was an embarrassment.

I hope he wins but unfortunately, I dont see it in his future.

11/16/13 1:28 AM
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Holy Crap I can't wait for this one. I don't know why, but I think this is going to be different than recent GSP fights. Either we see GSP back to his old diverse striking ways, or Hendricks knocks him the hell out. That being said, it's most likely going to turn out like every other GSP fight...
11/16/13 1:54 AM
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That's the longest fight ever! 5x5x55x5x5 Phone Post
11/16/13 2:00 AM
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That third round is going to be a tough one...
11/16/13 2:16 AM
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11/16/13 2:43 AM
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Maybe with the extra 50 minutes in there GSP will find a way to finish this one Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 3:16 AM
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Gsp armbar, round 231 Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 4:42 PM
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Johnny will use all the tools he has tonight and it's going to look like this "left hand, left hand, left hand" Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 4:58 PM
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Johny by tko 1st round! Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 5:13 PM
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Hendricks 3rd round KO!
11/16/13 5:17 PM
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Georges finishes him Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 5:23 PM
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SoupCan - Johnny will use all the tools he has tonight and it's going to look like this "left hand, left hand, left hand" Phone Post 3.0

Yes he'll use his tools and we'll likely all see "left hand - miss, left hand - miss, left - hand - on his ass from a GSP power double. Then after 2 rounds of missing, he'll completely gas due to the unbelievable pace that is always set by GSP. The only way Hendricks wins the gold is to catch GSP early, but I just don't think the shorter Hendricks can actually do this to Georges. Great card tonight.

11/16/13 5:42 PM
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LyotoBundy - Georges via Submission round 4 Phone Post 3.0
I can see that. Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 5:46 PM
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ApolloRD - Georges finishes him Phone Post 3.0

I can see that happening.

11/16/13 6:13 PM
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I have no hate for GSP, but I will be rooting for Hendricks because he's the underdog...and he has some WEC roots. Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 6:25 PM
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GSP via being better everywhere.

Hendricks has a better left hand but that is it.

GSP via 5th round TKO. He will overwhelm an exhausted Hendricks.
11/16/13 6:26 PM
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I believe GSP will take this one home.
I hope he will do it big time!!! Would be great if he shows some action and switch weight class after this fight...

So he "leaves" as the true champion but will not quit fighting. Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 6:28 PM
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I hope GSP wins this one. Hendricks has been getting annoying lately.
11/16/13 6:44 PM
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Vindell - I hope GSP wins this one. Hendricks has been getting annoying lately.
Lol at Hendrix doing hot yoga in the countdown. Phone Post 3.0
11/16/13 7:34 PM
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Cant Wait!
11/16/13 7:40 PM
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And STILL.... Phone Post 3.0