UnderGround Forums Stahler and Hybrid Jon respond to Cannon - LOL.

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The Mouth of the MW (Jacob Stahler) and "Hybrid" Jon Weidler respond to Shannon the Cannon's recent comments about both of them.

Jon really goes off on The Cannon. Whoever you think is at fault, he comes out with some really funny stuff.

8/20/08 7:17 PM
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"Jesus Christ, he commissioned a picture of himself when he was in dominant position for point-five seconds on Sakuraba."
8/20/08 8:57 PM
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   I knew Jake was going to be on the show and I was pumpped to hear what he had to say and share his side of the story.  I was laying in bed with my girl watching CSI when the phone rang it wound up being Bob Carson, I cant remember a recent time when I was so pumpped.  Thanks to Bob for letting me tell my side of things and having me on the show, as well as voice my oppinions on Shannon. Jake did a great job telling it like it was.  He is the very first interview of the show and I came on right after him at about the 23 minute mark.  I hope evrybody that listens gets a kick out of it and gets a better perspective on th biggest POS to grace this forum.  Thanks agian Bob and Thanks Jake. TTT
8/20/08 9:10 PM
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8/20/08 9:31 PM
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 TTT for Hybrid Jon.
8/20/08 10:23 PM
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good interview and clearing things up

once again
Carson is my favorite interviewer the guy lets his guests speak
he stays neuatral
admits mistakes
and has great questions off of info hes gathered
8/20/08 11:25 PM
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 Glad you like it, never realized how much I cursed till I listened to it... LOL  And I thought Dana White dropped alot of F bombs.
8/21/08 12:25 AM
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 Carson is the best interviewer in all of MMA radio by far. He actually does research as is knowledgable of the guys that he interviews. He lets them talk. He isn't condescending.
8/21/08 4:13 AM
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i hope hybrid wouldn't do that cartwheel pass against can, you'd both get suspended for suspicion of a work
8/21/08 6:05 AM
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 ttt for later
8/21/08 6:14 AM
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lol @ cannon remembering every date he has fought on yet struggles remembering talking about when he pussed put
8/21/08 6:20 AM
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8/21/08 6:35 AM
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Shannon dominates Sakuraba.
8/21/08 7:51 AM
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The way *the cannon* was moving ... Sakuraba got lucky! THERE I SAID WHAT EVERYBODY WAS THINKING*

* everybody = shannon ritch
8/21/08 8:11 AM
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I laughed nearly the whole time Jon was talking. Classic!
8/21/08 9:04 AM
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Wow - people still pretending "Bob Carson" is a real person.
8/21/08 9:55 AM
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Fabes - Shannon dominates Sakuraba.

 That video was too long.
8/21/08 9:57 AM
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When Baaab Carson first showed up on here, he was annoying. His shows were so full of shit that it was hard to like them. But then when you take him for what he is (a clever troll) - his shows aren't actually that bad at all. He's definately improved. Any agenda I ever had with him is now wiped. He's ok in my books.
8/21/08 10:44 AM
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 TTT for Sally Balls
8/21/08 8:46 PM
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Weidler vs. Shannon "MONSTER" Ritch has become this forum's version of Sakuraba and Tamura in a grudge match that may never happen. :(
8/22/08 2:20 AM
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 ^Probably not... Im sure he'll blame menopause when all is said and done... This phony has been, called out, quoted, held accountable, and even had the MMA community predict his responses and how long it would take for him to respond... Let me guess, he's on vacation outside of the country and hye didn't see this until 1 month from now (Thats when he'll respond).  No, now he'll SHOCK us all, now that I'm going into surgery in 7.5 days... and  come on here tomorrow, especially after Jake and I made him look like a 2 dollar whore on Carsons Corner over the last 48 hours. 

Of course it'll never happen...  He's a phony cunt with no heart.  He'd rather be bashed, with no re-buttal, and have evryone look down on him, than step up and try to pretend he has some heart.  He's already accepted how much he sucks... Wheres the victory over a fag like that?
8/22/08 2:32 AM
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8/22/08 2:38 AM
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 I bet ... for $1.50 I can an autographed pic of CANNON gripping a fire-house pole looking back with an EVIL face saying "Put this fire in my ass out!!!!!!"  Look at him.. he needs the $$  He's MMA's version of Ethiopia!!!! Can we sing "We Are The World" for this charity case?????
8/22/08 5:24 AM
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HYBRID JON - I bet ... for $1.50 I can an autographed pic of CANNON gripping a fire-house pole looking back with an EVIL face saying "Put this fire in my ass out!!!!!!" Look at him.. he needs the $$ He's MMA's version of Ethiopia!!!! Can we sing "We Are The World" for this charity case?????

Would never happen ... He would tap due to the hose getting position on him
8/22/08 6:06 AM
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