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12/3/12 11:52 PM
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Swick: It's going to be over fairly quick


Someone is going down, he predicts.

"I honestly think that we're going to clash, and it's going to be over fairly quick," Swick said. "I just can't imagine that we would punch each other in the face for three solid rounds without anything happening."

A quick fight could help him avoid the types of bumps and bruises that have so greatly hindered his career. It might not do the same for the one to his ego, but you never know.

"If it goes to the later rounds, which I'm prepared for considering he is a tough guy and likes to get in those long fights, I should be more than ready to keep a fast and explosive pace for those three rounds," Swick said.

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12/4/12 12:18 AM
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Love both these guys Phone Post
12/4/12 12:22 AM
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I am picking up what Swick is putting down. Phone Post
12/4/12 12:22 AM
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FedorEmilioEstevez - Love both these guys Phone Post
And this. Phone Post
12/4/12 12:57 AM
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I love how the UG news post doesn't mention who he's even fighting.
12/4/12 9:00 AM
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Who is he even fighting?

12/4/12 9:30 AM
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Phone Post
12/4/12 10:35 AM
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War Matt Brown!
12/4/12 10:37 AM
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12/4/12 10:53 AM
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I think brown grinds him out in a decision Phone Post
12/4/12 10:59 AM
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Love  the immortal but Swick is going to dominante him. He will pick Brown apart from a distance. Sorry but Swick really is a notch above Brown in tersm of skill.

12/4/12 11:09 AM
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12/4/12 12:50 PM
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Mike "Fairly Quick" Swick
12/4/12 12:59 PM
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I got Quick on this one. 2nd round tko Phone Post