UnderGround Forums TUF 18 Ronda Rousey vrs Cyborg?

2/12/13 5:19 PM
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Make sense to me being how the Tuf program is designed to build and bolster wt. devisions.

I wouldn't be suprised if it gets announced after Ronda's title defense.

What do you think?
2/12/13 5:29 PM
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It depends if Cheeto and the doctor give Cyborg the thumbs up to make the cut to 135.
2/12/13 5:37 PM
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Actually not a bad idea, but please more camera's in the house.
2/13/13 12:23 PM
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I started a thread a while ago suggesting this... Think it would be a home run! Phone Post
2/13/13 12:47 PM
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it makes sense on so many levels but guyborg wouldn't sign since it'd be at 135.  afterall, she has her heart, and kids to worry about, lol.  

but u wanna talk about ratings (chicks in the house with a great fight to cap the season), and building up a well needed roster? it makes more sense than any TUF scenario u could put together

2/13/13 1:10 PM
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It would be the first time I whacked it to TUF. Used to whack it to fight girls all the time Phone Post
2/13/13 2:58 PM
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2/13/13 4:24 PM
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MMAweekly saying that Cyborg is off the table now. I was thinking maybe Misha Tate or Gina? That would be awesome too. Any combination of those 3 would make for an awesome season.
2/13/13 4:33 PM
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I'd watch, probably the only American that hopes Cyborg wins Phone Post
2/13/13 5:03 PM
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NewGenUfcFan -  I do not want to watch a full house of jacked girls slowly bitching at each other. That would be horrible guys. Phone Post

Yeah lets watch a bunch of guys do that instead.