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Ten years ago I posted here to see if anyone on the Eastern U.S. was interested in having me teach some MMA, wrestling or boxing. The response totally exceeded my expectations and I ended up teaching more than 20 seminars from Maine down to Tennessee and making some good friends in the bargain. I'd like to do something like that again, on a bigger scale.

I've planned eleven trips traversing the United States, beginning in 2014, in search of adventure and to share what I've learned after more than thirty years as a combative athlete (National champion wrestler, Golden Gloves champion boxer, Ultimate Fighting Championships veteran and college football All-American) and coach (University of California-Davis head wrestling coach, Arizona State University assistant wrestling coach, trainer of several fighters, and instructor of seminars throughout the United States and abroad). Along the way I've also been a contributing writer for "Full Contact Fighting" magazine, "The Journal of Asian Martial Arts", and the book "Asian Martial Arts: Constructive Thoughts and Practical Applications".

So, here's the deal with the seminars. This isn't a big money-making venture for me. Nothing ever is. I enjoy sharing this stuff and want to make it accessible. If anyone wants to get a group together for a seminar, I'll do it for $20/person. That's it. Eventually I'm going to be near just about every spot in the contiguous U.S., so if you're interested, let me know. My marketing-savvy friends tell me that if I charge too little, then people won't value my teaching. That hasn't been my experience so far.

You can reach me at timlajcik@gmail.com. My website, timlajcik.com, is getting overhauled and should be up within the next two weeks. And there's a Facebook page dedicated to these travels and seminars: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bohemian-Backroads/180682012127071


Tim Lajcik
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I wish you the best of luck, sir. Thank you for all of the fights!
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Awfully nice of you. You're welcome, of course!

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Many thanks, CC. That's a big help. Yes, I've got a 5 DVD set that covers MMA-oriented wrestling (Beginning and Advanced Takedowns, Takedown defense) and boxing (Beginning and Advanced). People seem to like them. Thanks for mentioning it. Every time I try to sell something I die a little inside, so I don't often mention them. I typically just bring them to seminars, but if you know anyone that wants one, the five DVD set goes for $60 with free shipping in the U.S. I've got PayPal (timlajcik@gmail.com). Again, thank you.
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Big ups to the Bohemian!

Not sure why you only went up 1 Tim.

Nice grammar BTW.

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Are you passing through NYC or NJ? Phone Post 3.0
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Dan Pagan, I'll be EVERYWHERE, including NJ/NYC. There's actually a map with the routes I'll be taking on that Facebook page I mentioned in my original post. Hope we cross paths.

SDB, I'll admit that spin looked pretty good, but I think the reason it looked so clean was TK conceded the takedown. If a guy dies really hard on the takedown attempt, I've got to use a more methodical, grinding approach to taking his back. TK was terrific. He should be remembered. And it's nice that someone still talks about me a bit. Thanks, brother.
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Holy shit. Blast from the past! I'm going to spread the word, I KNOW there are a few people here in MA that would be stoked to hear your name mentioned, let alone in a seminar capacity. Wicked awesome.

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If youre near Minneapolis im sure I know a place glad to host you. Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 2:26 AM
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Thanks, fellas. I'll get everywhere, including MA and Minneapolis. Appreciate the boost.

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ttt Phone Post 3.0
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. Phone Post 3.0
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heeeeeessssssssssssss back


and still


owes me dinner :)

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Honestly need heard of you, buy MY GOD at that resume! I'd take a class or 12 with you. Anything in the Boston area? Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 11:48 AM
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TtT Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 12:14 PM
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In Vegas? Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 12:49 PM
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If your coming to the not cal area at all I'm sure there's some (little) places here that would love to have you. Phone Post 3.0
1/8/14 12:58 PM
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second the boston area request
1/8/14 2:24 PM
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Drove 3 hours through a horrific blizzard for a Tim Lacjic seminar once...totally worth it.
1/8/14 4:42 PM
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Hit up the big military bases. Talk to their athletic departments and see if they will sponsor a seminar. Best of luck. Phone Post 3.0