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Not really surprised that Teixeira will be granted a title shot after his next win, Joe Silva's job is to create contenders. What I don't get is when I look at the rankings Glover hasn't even fought anybody in the top 10 yet, Bader is ranked 11.

No disrespect to Glover, I think him and Machida are the only ones that stand a chance vs Jones. I just don't think his opponents are at the caliber as say a Rashad or Gustafson, even Davis. I want to see Glover fight someone legit before getting a shot at Jones.
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Apart from Page Phone Post 3.0
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I want glover vs. machida, or glover vs. thiago silva Phone Post 3.0
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Still trying to figure out how a win over bader is going to get him a title shot. I also dont understand how he is ranked so high.
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Dude is definitely Top 5 in the Division. Loads of talent.
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Who is more deserving of a title shot in the division than Teixeria? Gustaf's next in line, and Phil Davis is the only other realistic possibility. At this moment, I don't think Davis getting a title shot next would sit well with anybody.

I think Tiexeria's a good choice next by default, but I'd prefer to see an elimination match first, either with the loser of Gustaf/Jones or vs Phil Davis or a rematch with Hashad. A solid win over any of those three would cement his status as #1 contender.
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Why not? Four straight wins in the UFC, including a win over rampage, and he hasn't lost a fight since 2005.