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2/2/13 3:25 AM
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I was listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast . A little while ago and his guest was Enson Inoue. They were talking about tapping. Something Ensone never did.
Now I though if you are caught in something theirs no shame in tapping, you tap, you lose, you learn, you fight another day (I still think if your caught theirs no shame in tapping)
Not tapping, once you've properly been caught going to sleep or having your arm/leg broken just seem like macho bullshit to me but after listening to Ensone he (surprisingly change my mind) 
I think this mind set gives you a massive advantage, it might get you broken bones put you out of training a lot longer with injurys but they'll heal, and I'm sure this stronger mind set will get me a lot more victories. 
So I'm writing this now in public not to appear tough but as a way to help me change my mentally. Thanks Ensone just though listening  to you, i've believe I've become a  better fighter.
2/2/13 3:28 AM
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Gutsy move, mav.

2/2/13 4:08 AM
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Subbed for when you tap.

Lol jk, but cool? I mean I think if I was fighting to feed my family and myself, I'd wanna be able to fight for as long as I can and prolong my career by keeping myself safe from serious injury, thus allowing me to make maximum fundage$. I respect your decision wholeheartedly and will continue to cheer for you. Phone Post
2/2/13 4:18 AM
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props to Colossus for posting on the Rogan board. Great podcast with Inoue you should get on the podcast if possible.
2/2/13 4:22 AM
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Enson Inoue is the bee's knee's :)

2/2/13 4:26 AM
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Congratulations on your new found revelation, mate.

For that, the UKTT will always have your back.

2/2/13 4:29 AM
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Mir v nog would be enough to put me off. But i support you mate, hope ur never in that situation to start with. Phone Post
2/2/13 4:30 AM
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Don't risk a broken arm mate, lol, it's not worth it :) Phone Post
2/2/13 4:33 AM
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Id like to hear the podcast because i haver yet, but i would say that at that point you are leaving your career, and (even worse) possibly your life (a choke held too long) in the hands of someone else. By someone else, I mean a judge. Phone Post
2/2/13 4:33 AM
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Got MMAlk - Id like to hear the podcast because i haver yet, but i would say that at that point you are leaving your career, and (even worse) possibly your life (a choke held too long) in the hands of someone else. By someone else, I mean a judge. Phone Post
Haven't* Phone Post
2/2/13 4:36 AM
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If Enson was aluding to the fact when you walk into the ring/cage/fighting arena with the mindset that you will tap to a sub-hold (back of your mind type of thing) then you are more likely to lose. If you walk in with the mindset that you will win and never give up, it is more likely you will be able to escape a tough hold (see: Jon Fitch).

In any case, Mega Colossus I agree with your mindset and encourage you to exercise your mind to never give in. Some peole call it "heart", I call it "a winning attitude". Of course proificiency in submission fighting is a reqiurement, and tapping in practice is not only a good idea but a necessity.

2/2/13 4:43 AM
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That's the spirit, stiff upper lip and all that.

2/2/13 4:46 AM
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I like Enson and I watched that podcast and hes an interresting cat with alot of cool stories. I disagree with his mindset of not tapping and "willing to die in the ring" stuff he was talking about though. Thats not an intelligent aproach to the sport. Why not just admit you lost, tap and fight another day? Its a sport, not a fight to the death. Phone Post
2/2/13 4:52 AM
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I agree with Enson. It sounds idiotic from a normal perspective, but fighting isn't about rational thought. Willpower and mental strength can be the difference between a win and a loss. Look at all the athletes that had amazing physical ability, but crumple mentally when things are going wrong. They allow the possibility of being injured to deter them from competing to thwir full ability. To quote Frank Herbert- I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
2/2/13 5:00 AM
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Got MMAlk -
Got MMAlk - Id like to hear the podcast because i haver yet, but i would say that at that point you are leaving your career, and (even worse) possibly your life (a choke held too long) in the hands of someone else. By someone else, I mean a judge. Phone Post
Haven't* Phone Post
Referee* Phone Post
2/2/13 5:09 AM
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If someone catches you in a heel hook or knee bar, you gotta tap. Thats a potential career ender if you dont. Phone Post
2/2/13 5:49 AM
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Herecomesthejester - If someone catches you in a heel hook or knee bar, you gotta tap. Thats a potential career ender if you dont. Phone Post
Exactly. Good luck with everything JT, but MMA is a sport and tapping is a part of it; nobody questions your valor. Phone Post
2/2/13 6:03 AM
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The meaning of Yamato Damashii to Enson:

ENSON: A lot of people come up to me and say that they don’t understand how I don’t tap when I hear my arm popping and everything but….that’s a whole another episode to me. You might think….any person or fighter that watches a fight might think that this guys has him in an armlock and he feels that his tendon is gonna break or his arm is going to break. Any normal person….there will be two options that come into their head.

Your whole life is about options. You’re driving a car and a person jumps in front of you. You either hit the car or turn and hit the wall. You know what I mean? There’s always an option. When you’re getting your arm broke or when a fighter is in any critical type of situation in a fight, there’s also options. The only reason why I move the way I do is because of the way I think. It’s not because of what I chose in my options. The way I think will control the outcome of what my options will be.

For example, a normal fighter or any person on the street who had never fought before gets in an armlock. Two options will pop into their head because they live their life as a normal person. Fighters train hard, fighters experience fear…the point of falling down because they cannot train, the point of sparring when they think they might die. But a lot of fighters don’t take it in the right way, don’t take it and absorb. They become a regular person. So when they’re in the fight and they’re getting their arm locked and it’s starting to pop, they’ll think like a normal person. What a normal person’s options probably will be, your arm is going to break or you’re going to tap. There’s two ways, there’s only two things.

But for me, I’ve been raised the Yamato Damashii way, where you give everything you’ve got until the very end. The only time you know you couldn’t do it is because you ran out of money; you couldn’t do it because you’re out of anymore options. Basically when I’m getting in an armbar and my arm is folded backwards – that’s another story. But if I can’t even hear my arm pop two options will come to my mind -- your arms going to break or get the fuck out of it. That’s it.

Everyone says Enson = Yamato Damashii. Enson’s so tough, so brave, a warrior. You know what I mean? I become a warrior not because of what I do in every situation as it comes, I become a warrior because of the way I live my life. The reason why those two options are different is because when I live my life, whether it’s fighting or it’s my arm breaking or working whenever I’m in the gym, or working on business somewhere else with another group – I’m giving all I got until the very end. I’ll try to negotiate a business deal until I cannot do anymore. Until I absolutely cannot do anymore and then I’ll quit. I don’t think I’ll quit, actually I’ll just let the situation die. I will not ever quit in a situation. So the same thing, you know?

It pops into my head, get out or get your arm broke. I don’t want my arm broke so I’m going to get out. As I’m getting out, I’m never going to know when my arm breaks. I don't ever want to wonder what would have happened if I didn't tap. If I could have gotten out, or if my opponent would have given up and moved to another hold. God only knows when my arm breaks. It’s like when you go to sleep when you get choked. Only God knows when you go to sleep from a choke. Who am I to decide and play God and decide when my arm is going to break or I go unconscious? All these people come and pay millions of dollars to watch the fights. I get paid 6 figures to fight. I’m there to entertain, give 110%, and leave everything in the ring. That’s all I do.

You’re going to pay that much money to see me fight. A promoter is going to pay that much money, they’re going to kiss my ass, they’re going to bring 2 corner men, put us up in hotels, give us food money, put us on TV, and put us in magazines. All these people. People are going to come watch us and cry at some of our fights. There are a lot of people who cry when I walk to the ring. I mean, it’s that big of thing. So you’re going to play God and decide when to tap? There's a referee, ring doctors, and your cornermen. Trust them and concentrate on just putting it on the line.

I’ve never seen a fighter, except Renzo Gracie, where his arm broke and then realized he was beat. 99.9% of the fighters will give up before their arm breaks. 99% of the fighters will give up before they go to sleep. Why? Because they’re anticipating the outcome, they’re anticipating the fear. They’re assuming that their arm is going to break and instead of doing that, why don’t you assume that you’re going to get out? The thinking is really different. It all depends on what your mind is focusing on. I’m focusing on finishing an opponent. If he hits me hard enough to wobble me, I’m focusing enough I hit him right back with the same kind of punch.
2/2/13 6:03 AM
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This guy gets me in an armlock and I can hear the ligaments pop, on hearing that I’m thinking -- That mother fucker! Before he breaks it, I’m going to hit him right back with a punch, just as bad. You know what I mean? It depends on what you’re focusing on. If I’m focusing on the penalties of failure when my arm is going to break…I’m going to sleep and I don’t know when I’m going to wake up – I’m going to tap because I’m going to be scared. But that’s not what my fear is going to do. My fear is going to make me stronger. My fear is going to make me want to get out before he breaks my arm. My fear is going to give me adrenaline to punch, even if I am so tired.

I was brought up on a situation when I was a kid where this philosopher came and talked to me. I always went to sports psychology for racquetball. This guy told me this situation, which is an exact situation where your arm is going to break – if you’re going to focus on the penalties of failure or the benefits to success. Benefits of success meaning, getting my arm out and stomping on his face or something. Penalties of failure, not tapping and having my arm broke. Which one you’re going to focus on, is what you chose.

Say if I were to tell you, a 2 X 4 about a width, a foot long… say 20 yards long, a plank. And what I do with the plank is I put it on the mat, this soft mat right here. Enson is referring to the floor mat in his gym. The same kind of mat you can find probably in most MMA and BJJ schools. And put $1,000.00 on one end and tell you, you walk from one end to the other without touching the mat, a foot long, that’s pretty long, you can keep the $1,000.00. What would you do? You’re going to go shit and get the $1,000.00 and walk back and your done. Now what if I were to do this, the same $1,000.00, the same plank but I stretch it across to the other side of that building and say if you don’t fall off, you can have the $1,000.00. What are you going to do? Your probably going to wobble or say fuck it, you know what I mean? It’s the same plank, the same money, the same atmosphere, the same everything except what I’m doing with the situation is …. When you have the plank lying on the mat, the only thing in your mind is if you fall of the plank you’re not going to get the $1,000.00, you’re not going to lose nothing; you’re not going to lose your life. Your mind starts focusing right there on when you get to the other side, what I am going to do with that $1,000.00. But when I put you in the different scenario and I control your fear, I control how you’re going to think. All of the sudden, BAM, instead of the rewards of success what your focus is going to be on is….Shit, 7 stories up, shit, if I fall – I die. Right there, you’re not even thinking of the $1,000.00. You’re not even thinking of one way of how you’re going to spend the $1,000.00 because you’re so worried about falling.

I believe every fighter has that, whether it begins at the beginning of the fight or when he’s getting arm locked. I believe every fighter has that in them where they have fear and at that point, where you’re going to become a Yamadamashi fighter or you’re not, is what you do with the fear and how you look at it. And what you focus your mind on. If you focus on the fear you’re going to tap. No one is going to fight with all they have. But I’ve been living my life by giving 100% until the very end and focusing on what you’re going to gain from it. And if you don’t, then that’s something you learn.

People think that I’m a crazy guy or a bad ass warrior. I threw down with Igor because I don’t fear anything. When I threw down with Igor I feared it. I threw down with Igor because I knew that was a situation that I’d never be able to be in again. That fear of his…one punch can knock the shit out of me. You know what I mean? Like that Brazilian guy* he fought that he fell forward and his eyes rolled back after one punch. So one punch can do that to me. Can you imagine that fear, being in that range? I know that I’m hitting Igor so if I can hit him, he can hit me. And we’re throwing down, one blow after another. Like walking into a danger zone – walking into a fire and trying to save some people in the fire and think straight. Yeah, so it’s a misunderstanding that Yamatodamashi is not a machoism, not about being tough, it’s not about no fear, no pain. It’s about what you do with that fear and pain. How you live your whole life that will affect how you react in these situations.
*Francisco Bueno, Pride 8

IRONLIFE: For people who don’t seem to understand. How does that transition into training? Cause sometimes you have to tap.

ENSON: OK, yeah. Training is a whole different thing. Training is not a life or death situation. Training, your there to learn your there to get better. I’ll tap in training. I think tapping is good in training. If there is any situation that is even near an armbar or is bad enough, I’ll tap. I won’t risk injury in training.

Like I said, getting into the ring, fighting, it helps put your self into a life and death situation -- without really being in a life or death situation. But training isn’t like that. Training is a different thing. You know I always emphasis to my students, all this discipline that I’m setting in you, all this thing I’m talking about, you pushing yourself is not only about fighting it’s about your whole lifestyle. I don’t want them to learn and go out and train hard and be a pussy in their work. Don’t wanna go to work and they call in sick. You know what I mean? I’m trying to emphasis that. Training is a part of life, I believe. Tapping in training is very different than tapping in the ring.

It’s like having a negotiation with your mother or your father and giving in on the negotiation, even if you think you’re right, because it’s your family and you don’t want to get into a fight with your family. Same thing, you don’t want to cause this funny aggression against this fellow member/fellow teammate. You don’t wanna break your arm – same thing. Same thing that you don’t wanna have a family argument. But if you’re in a misunderstanding with another Yakuza group or you’re in a misunderstanding with a promotion – that’s a whole different thing. It’s like fighting in a fight. Training is like having an argument with your family. But having an argument in a business negotiation is a different thing. That’s like fighting, I think.
2/2/13 6:20 AM
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Fuck that!! If I even think I'm about to get subbed ill pre tap. Yes, I'm a pussy Phone Post
2/2/13 6:55 AM
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Saw the podcast as well.

It reminded me how tangled up I get in contemplating skills, streaks, records and belts.

All of those aspects of fighting are absolutely necessary in getting an objective glimpse at who's best at playing the game of MMA.

But really, the name of the game is fighting and win or lose, when the spirit of man is tapped into to test his greatest fears, emotions and will to not win or lose-to prove something to oneself emphasized over the want to prove something others; to build a legacy-it's THEN that we get to truly observe the the inner drive-possible within the core of all humanity-separating us from the rest of the animal kingdom that we can really admire the factor of mind over matter that seems intrinsic in our species.

Inoue is the embodiment of the spirit of mankind and on some level, you could absolutely make the argument that the will to leave it all in the ring-at least on a spiritual and mental level-often triumphs the will to train your ass off so you can AVOID the emotional and physical pain, anxiety and suffering that comes with simply walking into the ring or cage and fighting for no one but yourself, your spirit and for the sake of fighting itself.

I found it especially interesting to hear Enson talking about clinching with Igor out of fear and then overcoming his emotions, breaking apart and trading blows with pound for pound one of the heaviest hitters the sport has ever seen.

By truly "fighting" for himself he ended up fighting for the fans and possibly inspiring millions-that-regardless of the outcome, regardless of genetics, natural abilities and so on-that maybe, just maybe, anyone can embody the Spirit of the Samurai.

Because it's not in the muscles but rather-in essence-the immeasurable spirit of all human beings that can triumph matter itself with something deep down that is not of matter, but with enough force behind it, can alter the material world into something to be called nothing short of magical.

Not only a thank you to Enson, but a praise of his name, not because of any finite and surpassable status of legacy, but the infinite capabilities of the soul.

A true humanitarian to those in need of aid in his homeland and one of the baddest mother *er's to ever sling leather and trade blows with other trained killers fearlessly, or at the very least, unobstructed by the emotion of fear that's in all of us.

There will always be better fighters that undo legacy's of the fighters that came years before them, but the few fighters like Enson-and him especially-immortalized themselves by walking the plank in a way that a very, very few people are mentally capable of.

Even if that special something of psychological victory that Enson expressed through his style of fight is inherent in him and not in others, he cultivated it and took steps to exercise it in a way that was unnecessary; a way that put him in dangerous extremes physically and so in every way jaw dropping and inspirational. He's an embodiment of something everyone wants to believe is possible and his actions to prove so will most likely be etched into history in a way that dismantles the necessity to be known as the GREATEST; a label that will most likely be surpassed, buried and reestablished over and over again as new fighters accomplish feats of competitive victory better than those before them.

The spirit of fighters like Enson will ALWAYS remain relevant throughout time.

Mad, mad props!
2/2/13 7:11 AM
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I just did the patented Colossus arm swinging thing in celebration! WAR!
2/2/13 8:05 AM
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UGCTT Combat Can Happen -  Subbed for when you tap.

Lol jk, but cool? I mean I think if I was fighting to feed my family and myself, I'd wanna be able to fight for as long as I can and prolong my career by keeping myself safe from serious injury, thus allowing me to make maximum fundage$. I respect your decision wholeheartedly and will continue to cheer for you. Phone Post

Hahaha that's why it's here

I hear your point 100% I listen to this interview about two wks ago and have been thinking about it all this time, think it not just a case of thinking right I not tapping make a post on a message board and your done. It's a lot of soul searching them lead me to this point.

That's why I said in thread personally decision, one I think will help me more than hurt me an I completely get why some might think its stupid and macho and not have any part in it, it very much along way from being macho.Anyone who gets caught and taps ( like I have done in the past) I see why. Cheers pal
2/2/13 8:08 AM
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RowdyBec - 

Enson Inoue is the bee's knee's :)

That because he wouldn't tap to a knee bar ;)
2/2/13 8:10 AM
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yellow c0ckahlc - 

Congratulations on your new found revelation, mate.

For that, the UKTT will always have your back.

That's good of you