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 Someone had to make it. The thread Dana doesn't want you to see.

Backyard UFC is a phenomenon that is sweeping across America. In a few short years, it has destroyed the stranglehold Backyard WWF once held on the residential combat sport business. Spectators pack the patios to see these neighborhood titans do battle for ultimate supremacy of the sod circle.

The rules of Backyard UFC are simple.

-Fights must take place on a grassy, dirt, or makeshift canvas surface.
-Each combatant must wear UFC gloves, kempo gloves, handwraps... anything other than bare knuckle or boxing gloves.
-There must be a referee or a live audience to decide when "he's done"

Special bonus points are awarded for:

-Use of Tapout, Sprawl or Affliction apparel
-Overactive referees who quote Big John McCarthy or Bruce Buffer
-"That guy" who must either command the fighters to perform techniques, and/or insists on shouting out the name of any submission hold attempted to demonstrate his encyclopedic knowledge of UFC.
-Application of PRIDE rules
-Greivous injuries

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Starting things off.... here is a battle of two muay thai masters in the clinch

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Weight classes are optional.

3/24/11 9:10 AM
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Nice knee KO in the first video.
3/24/11 9:12 AM
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lol, tremendous!!!!
3/24/11 9:12 AM
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 Mega bonus points for any UGer who is positively ID'd in a backyard UFC tape

For example, this unsecured tarp seems like something a UGer would come up with

3/24/11 9:14 AM
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BOOOO!!! I thought the big dude (second vid) was going to finish him off with a flying forearm a la Henderson. But NO... he went to check on him?! BAN!!!
3/24/11 9:14 AM
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 I'm the champ of my backyard.  Come take my belt bro. 

3/24/11 9:17 AM
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 If you freeze frame, you can see the exact moment this guy's knee explodes

Backyard UFC 2 by smoogy
3/24/11 9:24 AM
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i tend to pull deep half while backyard ufcing....undefeated champ right here
3/24/11 9:24 AM
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 Unfortunately, early stoppages happen sometimes in the backyard too

backyardufc06 by smoogy
3/24/11 9:25 AM
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3/24/11 9:27 AM
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 Full of WIN.
3/24/11 9:28 AM
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4 later Phone Post
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 In case you were wondering... yes, this thread is BAD FOR THE SPORT

backyardufc09 by smoogy
3/24/11 9:36 AM
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 Epic comebacks? Backyard UFC's got em.

3/24/11 9:43 AM
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You forgot bonus points for those cameramen who manage to keep the action out of the frame for at least 2 full seconds or more.
3/24/11 9:44 AM
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Wearing a shirt while fighting Backyard UFC: usually a sure sign of inferiority.

3/24/11 9:45 AM
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smoogy - If you freeze frame, you can see the exact moment this guy's knee explodes

I knew when I read this that I wanted nothing to do with it.

and still I pushed play.. you can fucking HEAR it.
3/24/11 9:51 AM
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This classic has 2 angles!


3/24/11 9:56 AM
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 Some extended grappling here... bonus points for the use of an actual chain link fence

3/24/11 9:56 AM
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 2 things..
1) I'm pretty sure all of this can be directly attributed to the movie 'Never Back Down'   *blegh*
2) That 'come back' fight was pretty fuckin boss. That kid is probably STILL getting mad play from that.
3/24/11 9:56 AM
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 If you gave them sticks and fencing masks this forum would be all over their nuts for being *hardcore*.
3/24/11 9:59 AM
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In Phone Post
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