UnderGround Forums The Best Gypsy bare fist fight on youtube !

3/22/13 11:39 AM
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This for me is the best gypsy fair fist fight i have eva seen on youtube.
Not a bad scrap this ...worth a watch .
Blue namer do the honours please .
3/22/13 11:43 AM
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I thought it would be shite......I was wrong.



3/22/13 11:43 AM
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3/22/13 11:48 AM
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gypsy's are fucking mental....I can't watch that shit without wanting to watch Snatch

3/22/13 11:57 AM
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Good scrap, did they have mic's taped to their gloves?
3/22/13 12:01 PM
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That was fucking brutal. 20 minutes of grueling bareknuckle boxing in a cold ass barn

3/22/13 12:07 PM
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Two hardy men..Serious lack of body punches tho.
3/22/13 12:07 PM
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I'd like to think of myself as a decently tough dude.......I'm not fucking with those guys. No way. I would get my ass handed to me standing. I'm ok but these dudes are mental, plus tough as fuck and dont care about trading bombs. Shit was entertaining.
I love how they talk at the end. Sportsmanship.
One guy said "there's not enough of ya's" Tough dude. Love it.
3/22/13 12:10 PM
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RUINED my Friday OP..........

now I must watch gypsy fights all day when possible........must not.....watch...knuckle in the near future.

3/22/13 12:10 PM
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Damn those two guys were throwing bungalows Phone Post
3/22/13 12:12 PM
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Tough as nails the both of them. Little bald guy could go professional with the power he showed in those shots and the stamina to keep throwing the way he did. Tank top guy was just eating tons of nasty shots but hung in there...crazy as hell

3/22/13 12:16 PM
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3/22/13 12:18 PM
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do ye like deegs?

3/22/13 12:23 PM
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What a good fight! I love the fact that neither of them had any real idea why it was that they were fighting each other, but they were both mightily pissed off.
3/22/13 12:24 PM
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Cyril Jeff - 


do ye like deegs?

Nah mate these are not irish tinkers , these are proper romany uk gypsies...totally different type/breed of people.
3/22/13 12:29 PM
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Damn that was one sided. Phone Post
3/22/13 12:29 PM
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thats how ya do it
3/22/13 12:30 PM
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The guy in the tank top sounded like he either lost a bunch of teeth or suffered a broken jaw. Either way, tough as nails.
3/22/13 12:39 PM
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RileyPust - The guy in the tank top sounded like he either lost a bunch of teeth or suffered a broken jaw. Either way, tough as nails.

I heard he had his jaw broke in two places , fucking hard to watch him talk at the end ..looked painful lol
3/22/13 12:45 PM
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3/22/13 12:49 PM
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Fucking brutal fight.
3/22/13 12:51 PM
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"For every action, there is reaction. And a Pikey reaction, is quite a fucking thing." - Turkish, "Snatch"
3/22/13 12:55 PM
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For later. Phone Post
3/22/13 1:20 PM
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dana give this man a title shot!
3/22/13 1:34 PM
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American city thugs could learn from this. No cheap shots, jumping, and all that bullshit. Just a disagreement and some clean fair knuckles. That's real men fighting, not that coward pussy shit on worldstar. Phone Post