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The Jack Brown Interview: Bobby Razak

2/24/13 2:09 PM
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I love MMA docs.  I wish there were more high quality feature length ones.  Big fan of early ones like Choke and The Smashing Machine and recent ones like The Striking Truth, Like Water, and Such Great Heights.  Others to recommend?

2/24/13 3:49 PM
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2/24/13 4:06 PM
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Big fan of his work. ttt
2/24/13 4:33 PM
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Bobby Razak is a huge player in MMA! Much love to the guy! Needs more credit!! His also about to take the UK by storm with UCMMA, UKs top promotion Phone Post
2/24/13 4:39 PM
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Thank you guys I like the hat 2 in huge billboard sometimes by product of being with Mask all these years. Thank you Harry that's right guys I'm about to bring it UK mma. Been away from home to long time to smash it there with UCMMA

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2/24/13 4:42 PM
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We look forward to working together and getting ready for the launch tomorrow pretty excited about it @HitmanHarryMMA Phone Post
2/25/13 12:05 PM
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Bobby Razak is a great man whose helped changed certain peoples lives, when they needed it most! No amount of money can measure that. It's all about what you leave behind.
3/20/13 9:21 PM
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Bobby wants me to go to London with him to write about UCMMA.  What do you guys think?  Would you want live blogs about a trip into the UK MMA scene posted to the UG?