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10/24/12 11:17 AM
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The Renzo Gracie Diet has included peed on shark


UFC.com has a weekly series on nutrition with some of the biggest names in MMA. While The Gracie Diet has received widespread attention, The Renzo Gracie Diet is less well known, and has included some unusual fare.

"My wife is also an unbelievable cook. My father always told me, 'Make sure you marry a great cook because beauty doesn’t last but cooking does!'"

"Basically (The Gracie) diet was developed by my grandfather, Carlos Gracie. His idea was to alkalinize your body. The whole purpose of the diet was to make sure your body wasn’t acidic. He believed this would prevent many diseases and extend your life expectancy. He did a really good job developing that diet.

"Today, with all the studies they are better able to test what actually makes your body more alkaline. So we’ve started adapting superfoods into the Gracie Diet and it has really improved. My grandfather had always banned acidic foods like pineapple, oranges and berries – but in reality those are the most alkaline fruits out there. But back in his day there weren’t ways to test that stuff; today there are."

"I moved here to the United States when I was 37 and until then I followed the Gracie Diet 100 percent. I’m a guy that, thanks to my genetics, I can eat anything and I’ll feel great the next day. I’m different. I have resistance and I don’t get sick and I’m very thankful for that.

"I promised myself that I would try any food given the chance so I’ve eaten the weirdest foods you can imagine. I ate dog in China, I ate rattlesnake in Brazil, I’ve eaten scorpion, I ate alligator, I ate crocodile, ostrich … Man, all of them taste good! Why do the Chinese eat everything – because they fry everything! I just realized that if you deep fry ME, I will taste good! That’s the reality."

"Many people say that a rattlesnake tastes like chicken. A rattlesnake can never taste like chicken! If the chicken had a tattoo on her neck and an extremely bad-a—attitude then maybe it could taste like rattlesnake. It’s a very unique taste."

"I went to Iceland and that’s where I met Gunnar Nelson. They took me to eat a shark that had been dead and buried for six months. This is how the ancient people of Iceland used to eat shark. The shark dies, they dig a hole and put the whole shark in there and then a whole tribe urinates on the shark to preserve it. Funny thing is, the meat of the shark becomes like a cream cheese. The taste is not bad … but the smell! For that reason when they bury the shark they must do it far away from town. The smell was unforgettable. I wouldn’t eat it again. I can still smell it."

Any regrets?

"You have to regret the things you didn’t do, NOT the ones you did," says Renzo.

Any thoughts of retirement?

"I really want to fight again and I’m preparing myself for that. I’m looking to fight at 155 pounds. In reality, when I fought Matt Hughes (at UFC 112 in April 2010) I was walking around at 168 pounds without trying to lose any weight. I feel great right now. I think by February of next year I will be back in the cage. And then I hope to fight one fight after another. I want it to be in the UFC. I’m looking to fight the best. I’m looking to make one last run."

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TTT for the legend
10/24/12 12:15 PM
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Rotten shark for the win.
10/24/12 12:23 PM
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I just puked in my mouth a little. I'll try damn near anything... but rotten piss shark? I'd have to pass.

10/24/12 12:33 PM
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Shark with the consistency of cream cheese... that sounds terrible.
10/24/12 12:38 PM
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I love Renzo, but the thought of eating dog or a rotten-pissed-on-shark???  Hell no! 

10/24/12 12:43 PM
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Lmao. I read the title as "peed on sherk"...then read the article. Peed on shark definitely worse! Phone Post
10/24/12 2:16 PM
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http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hákarl Phone Post
10/24/12 2:17 PM
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mmm.  rotting pissed on shark corpse with cream cheese consistency.



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LOL wtf
10/24/12 2:21 PM
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The description alone made me cringe.

Can't knock it until you tr.... wait... nevermind, I'm not trying that any time soon.

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One of the most interesting thread titles in the history of thread titles.



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One thing that the human species have proved true time and time again, no matter how crazy, bizarre or disgusting, there's a market for it.
10/24/12 2:48 PM
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was he trying to say the shark smelled bad or good?

10/24/12 2:52 PM
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Phone Post
10/24/12 4:14 PM
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Hahah that sounds disgusting.

" only regret the things you didn't do, not the things you did do.... Unless its murder" Phone Post
10/24/12 5:09 PM
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10/24/12 6:07 PM
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UGCTT_Winnson - 

One of the most interesting thread titles in the history of thread titles.



I've done some research and it turns out that this in fact is the most interesting thread title ever.


You got the Gracies, Renzo in particular.  You got sharks.  You Brazilian jiu jitsu dietary advice, and you got pissing on a shark and then eating it.


I think the most interesting part for me is where the Gracies (who are AWESOME!) decided that eating a shark that was pissed on was better than eating a shark that wasn't pissed on.


Personally, I never would have considered the idea of pissing on a shark to make it better for you, but they did.


God bless them.


I'm going to try taking a shit on a peanut butter sandwich instead of using jam or honey.  Yeah, that's the ticket.

10/24/12 6:07 PM
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"peed on shark" = new meme
10/24/12 7:01 PM
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ranier wolfcastle - 

was he trying to say the shark smelled bad or good?

I'm pretty positive he said the rotten piss shark smelled terrible, but that the rotten piss shark tasted good.  I don't want to reread the article, however.

10/24/12 7:07 PM
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Piss on a shark!

That's it.

See TUF 8 they were jacking off on sushi.


Guess that's like a variation of the Gracie diet. Phone Post
10/26/12 8:05 PM
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I read Franz Boas' accounts of the eskimos burying sharks in order to preserve and cure them, don't recall him talking about pissing on them though, haha.

then again that was the late 1800's. Might have been taboo to mention it in anthropological research.
10/26/12 8:44 PM
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I've eaten fermented seal flipper in Alaska. It is definitely not as good as blueberries, but it is different, which is the idea.

10/28/12 8:30 AM
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Well that peanut butter sandwich thing wasn't the ticket at all.



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What happened to them eating dates? Phone Post