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9/12/13 10:24 AM
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When was the first time you've ever taken a hard shot to the face/body?

My 'first' (no pun intended) was way back in high school, this tough guy dropped me with a knee to the solar plexus after I threw a 1-2 combo (which he dodged smh). Didn't kick my ass afterwards but I was winded and gasping for air for quite some time lol. Good to experience, never taken a 'solid' punch to the face though (I really should). Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 10:27 AM
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i don't remember, i think i stiff armed a kid in playground football so he retaliated by punching me twice in the neck.

9/12/13 10:28 AM
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I got suckerpunched once by some little stocky guy in a club. I stumbled backwards for a bit and my head was all over the place. Surprised I didn't get knocked out completely.
9/12/13 10:32 AM
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3rd grade. My brother socked me and it was eye opening. Or closing.... It sucked. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 10:33 AM
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Sucker punch to the gut in 8th grade. Knocked the fuckin wind outta me Phone Post
9/12/13 10:35 AM
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My first time getting really shook up was in training. I've been rocked before from being slammed on my head and from a headkick i took during a shot. But when I got clipped in the liver while sparring, it was way worse than getting rocked, it was like getting knocked out but being completely awake and aware at the same time it hurt like a motherfucker. Fuck that sucked. Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 10:38 AM
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Got jumped by 3 dudes for my chocolate bar (mirage) in grade 2. They were much older. I immediately started eating it so they couldn't take it, all while they were pummeling me. I don't remember feeling any pain but I probably should have just given them the mirage bar.
9/12/13 10:48 AM
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We were fist fighting in 1st grade. Over games of marbles lol Phone Post
9/12/13 10:57 AM
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I've received a couple of good body shots, but have never taken a clean punch to the face surprisingly.

Though my wife did split the bridge of my nose with some sort of backhand chop once.
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When i went to military school i got "jumped in" by about 5 dudes. They were surprised i didnt go down and i actually threw a chair at them as they came at me and then stood my ground swinging all crazy like a maniac. Didnt do anything but i tried. They were all black dudes and they all called me "the lil white nigga" after that day.

Been in lots of fights since then. I think its because i am a tiny dude. only weigh like 130 pounds at 5 foot 6. I am small so people choose me to fuck with. sucks.
9/12/13 11:44 AM
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Lager Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 11:59 AM
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Myself and a mate got jumped by about 15 dickheads who were just wandering around looking for someone to kick off with. Can't remember exactly what age I was, but probably 14/15. They approached us, asked did we have phones; my mate told them to fuck off and smacked a beer outta the bloke's hand. He got smacked with a clean headbutt for his trouble, and the same fella turned to me and cracked me a punch that landed on the orbital. That was the first time I'd been hit cleanly, the adrenaline was flowing and I barely felt a thing.

I threw one back, dropped him, and then promptly got absolutely battered by the rest of the lads in the group. I remember catching one big punch from behind that I turned straight into and it dropped me to the deck, and the rest was mostly just a whirl of kicks and punches before I managed to scramble away.

We backed off up the road and they didn't bother coming after us for long. We went back and got a few mates together but by the time we got back they were long gone. Turns out the first punch had actually cut me above the eye and I needed a couple of stitches; but I vividly remember the moment it landed and thinking ' eh, that actually wasn't bad at all' and for the next four seconds I thought I was superman lol

Taking your first slap in the chops is a right of passage for any young man!
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I'm not even joking about this:


When I was a kid, we didn't have much money. We were straight-up fucking poor. I became so good at trading items from my poor-kid lunch because my family could never afford the awesome stuff like snack packs, it was an apple and a peanut butter sandwich for me. One time I convinced some kid to give me all his pudding because it was made with "partly skimmed milk". Well one fateful day when I was about nine years old, my parents came back with a box of Twinkies. I was more excited than the average kid because I had never had a twinkie before. 

It's also important to note that I was a bonafide wimp at this point in my life. If someone bullied me, I'd take it and not say a word. I was constantly dealing with that sorta crap both at home and at school, you know name calling or shoving and such. Anyway, there I was standing on the playground. My eyes were alight and my heart aflutter as I peeled back the wrapper to reveal the sweet, spongey, cream-fill golden wonder. I began to bring the sweet treat up to my mouth, salivating and contemplating the adventures my taste-buds are about to embark on, when BAM! This kid who was always giving me a hard time actually wound up and dropped me right on my face.

I  remember that my first instinct was to just take it. I was going to walk away and not say a word. But then something happened that changed my life forever. I looked down in my hand to make sure the twinkie was alright. In my hand I saw chunks of twinkie flesh and viscera, mixed with dirt and rocks. I looked up at my attacker with pure, unbridled rage. He started running before I even moved. I chased him out to the middle of the field and I beat him until he was a mess of blood and cream filling.

That was actually the last time I ever let someone bully me.


9/12/13 12:03 PM
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I guess my brother hit me with a spinning back fist as hard as he could while playing basketball in high school. He claims he was just trying to block my shot. I had no clue how someone who grew up playing basketball could be do something that stupid. Phone Post
9/12/13 12:09 PM
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I broke my brothers nose with the reply. 

9/12/13 12:17 PM
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backyard boxing
i had done kung fu so i thought i was bad ass, so i fought a dude like 50 pounds heavier.

and he totally whooped my ass and bloodied my nose up.

after that I realized I had no idea how to fight for real. so i found the best MMA gym in the area and haven't stopped.
9/12/13 12:17 PM
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High school i got hit by a probably 24 year old dude. short stocky fucker. full power straight on the jaw. i didnt hit back. just looked at him and walked away. i think that scared him more than hitting him back. Phone Post
9/12/13 12:22 PM
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got a beer bottle thrown at my head by some scum kid off of his trailer porch as a lad as I rode my bike by his trailer. Cut me up pretty good and the blood scared me so I went home and got it all taken care of, rode my bike back and beat him until I didn't have an energy left, haven't taken shit since Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 12:24 PM
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My first real shot was in high school.

I was walking to class and there is the wall in the middle of the hall for flyers and stuff and this little wannabe thug was behind it and when I walk by he sucker punched me with everything he had.
I covered up and backed away. Seemed like the whole school saw and gathered around. I said we can settle it after school, so after school me and him met up and we started to fight but once I got the better of him, his friends jumped in and stomped me out.

sucked. Phone Post
9/12/13 12:26 PM
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My dad punched me with his large cock, that I inherited, when I was in the womb. Never been KO'd
9/12/13 12:29 PM
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Weidman_wild_each_it - My dad punched me with his large cock, that I inherited, when I was in the womb. Never been KO'd

That's my boy!

9/12/13 12:34 PM
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Got my ass destroyed in jr high/ high school about 3-5 times before I started dishing out some myself... Nothing to do in west Texas but fight, fuck chicks and get fucked up Phone Post 3.0
9/12/13 12:37 PM
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I was 13. Me and my friends went to hang out at the carnival that comes to town once a year. The year was 1990... This particular year was a year that the inner city kids had a field trip to the suburbs and were hanging at the carnival.. So I am looking at some of the weird animals that weere their I think it was a Lama, I turn around and BAAAAAAAM I get socked in the eye by some huge black kid that looked like Bell Biv Devoe.... I was like...oooouuuuch, what the fuck...and he said that's for staring me up YO!!!! I never even saw the dude. I remember being kind of proud of myself for not getting KO'ed not even knocked down or stumbled.

I took that punch like a champ. i didn't fight back though because in those days we were afraid that those kids might have been part of some notorious inner city posse's as there where many of them around back then. So I just shrugged it of and wore my shiner around like a badge of honer for the next few weeks.
9/12/13 12:38 PM
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8th grade, highscooler that got off at my bus stop blasted me in the face because I called him short, lol Phone Post
9/12/13 12:55 PM
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6th grade there was this one douchebag who used to give em shit all the time. I was behind him in line and out of the blue decided it was my turn to give shit to him. I have no idea what I said, but the guy just turned around and punched me square in the nose.

It didn't even hurt, but I was so startled that I just stood there.

One time when I was around 22 I was walking back to the Navy base around 3:00 AM. I took a shortcut past this ball field, and a black kid walked up to me and asked me for a light. I looked at him to tell him "No" when I felt a push against the back of my head, and heard a loud "DONK" in my ears. Again, I was so startled that I looked at the dude and was gonna ask "Did you hear that?" when he he haymakered me in the face.

Then his two buddies came around from behind me, and the three of them threw punches at my face. Again, none of the punches hurt, they just made a loud DONK sound in my ears, and I was so stunned because I thought punches to the head & face were suppose to hurt.

Then they stopped punching, grabbed me, threw me to the ground and started kicking. They kicked me for a while. That's when I stop remembering exactly what happened, and just remember wondering if I was gonna die.

They stopped kicking me and ran off. I'm still not sure why. I crawled into the street and lay there for a while. Eventually a car stopped. Two guys got out and threw me in the back seat. They left me with the Shore Patrol, who took me to a hospital. I spend a couple of nights there.

Honestly, if I had known punches to the face didn't hurt then I would have gotten into fights when I was younger.