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5/20/13 11:18 AM
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Its known as you get older muscle mass decreases, you lose speed and the ferocity that you had when you are younger. Its fair to say that people like anderson silva who are 38 and still get better most times we see him in the cage. But men like that use their minds as well as their physical abilitys. Hes a genius and we all know that.

But had Vitor Belfort not been on TRT its a fact he wouldnt be as athletic as he was 10 years ago yet at 36 he still looks incredible and for a guy who has been in this game along time and clearly has taken enough beatings to the head over the years for his body to stop producing enough testosterone where he can compete maybe its his body saying time to stop.

f that fighter thinks his low T is due to years of repeated head injurys he shouldnt be cleared for competition due to worseing brain injurys. Enhancing ur physical abilitys by science is dangerous to the clean competitors especially in combat sports.
5/20/13 11:35 AM
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what an idiot!
5/20/13 1:52 PM
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At this point man...you wont get a good discussion about it. Its obvious most guys on here think trt is fine....

Im done giving my thoughts on it as well..... Phone Post
5/20/13 1:53 PM
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Btw...I had over 200 VTFUs before I gave my thoughts! Lol Phone Post
5/20/13 2:01 PM
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Man I so look forward to the daily post about TRT.

Thx fren Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 2:01 PM
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UGCTT_nightkap - Btw...I had over 200 VTFUs before I gave my thoughts! Lol Phone Post
Well then a vtfu for you sir! Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 2:14 PM
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What's TRT? Never heard of it before Phone Post 3.0
5/20/13 2:17 PM
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Fedor219 - What's TRT? Never heard of it before Phone Post 3.0

Its tether ball retard time.

See I dont CARE about vote downs
5/20/13 2:53 PM
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What if Vitor is a genius too? I mean he knows peole fear his hand and now he has added some excellent kicking into his repertoire and can make people think a left hook is coming then BLAMMMO a spinning kick lands on the opposite side. Very smart fighting IMO
5/20/13 2:55 PM
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I think the OP is a genuis!!!!!!!!!

5/20/13 2:59 PM
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john_d1974 -
UGCTT_nightkap -  Btw...I had over 200 VTFUs before I gave my thoughts! Lol Phone Post

how do you know that?
Well....cause the number with the green arrow beside my name says how many VTFUs I have. It was over 200 til I opened my mouth about trt....and down they went! Phone Post
5/20/13 3:00 PM
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*looks at screen name*

makes sense