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1/20/08 1:01 PM
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I get myspace bulletins from this guy about 4 times an hour every day about him being a pro fighter. I finally just looked up his record. Is this a joke or is this the greatest self promotion ever? http://www.myspace.com/scottthelionheartblevins and how does he have sponsors? Im just trying to find out if someone made this as a joke or something. Im confused
1/20/08 6:21 PM
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1/20/08 6:23 PM
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what a tool this is awesome though
1/20/08 6:23 PM
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its private for me
1/20/08 7:50 PM
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lmao... this dude has some serious issues. check out this great fight of his http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwLllt926UE
1/20/08 7:53 PM
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hmm scott mccorkles name mentioned
1/20/08 8:33 PM
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Best video EVA!!1
1/20/08 8:40 PM
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^ putting your name, reputation, ego, and work in front of an audience for their criticism says a little more than being in the gym imo
1/20/08 8:42 PM
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I bet Rocky Gracie is pissed about the name dropping. Same with the Maui Thai school he trained at.
1/20/08 8:45 PM
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rocky gracie by armbar
1/20/08 8:47 PM
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Blake Bowmann (TUF 6) as the announcer. That video has it all.
1/20/08 8:49 PM
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he looked pretty tuff with those tats and shaved head though
1/20/08 8:50 PM
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Check out that shimmy he does before his fights.  It rivals Vanderlei's staredown.
1/20/08 10:42 PM
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"The only way that you can recieve bulletins is if you are his "friend" so delete his ass if u dont want the bulletns " well I thought it was a joke forever but I think Im realizing he is dead serious, and he frightens me.
1/20/08 10:50 PM
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oh he's serious, he thinks he has "fans" too... LOL
1/21/08 12:41 AM
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I was actually scheduled to fight him on Jan 12th and he pulled out of the fight on the 10th with 3 different excuses
1/21/08 1:52 AM
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Blake's commentary was amazing!! "I can't confirm any of that" -after running down the list of things Blevins is an "expert at" "Obviously a member of Brazilian Top Team, cause of the shorts" "Blevins on the fast track to the UFC, I was not aware of the 135 UFC division"
1/21/08 9:23 AM
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He is a life troll.
1/21/08 3:46 PM
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Tuggle & I have discussed this very topic extensively, and we have come to the conclusion, as Tuggle previously stated, that Scott "Lionheart" Blevins is indeed what we like to refer to as a "Life Troll."

I seriously find it hard to believe that he is sincere about all the shit he posts.  Here is his latest gem of a bulletin entitled "Sharing as to who I am!!! Check this out" followed by only this picture:

1/21/08 3:48 PM
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1/21/08 4:09 PM
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so whats up Yunk, you putting the Lionheart on the next LFC card or what???
1/21/08 7:13 PM
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1/21/08 7:27 PM
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Benmma just made my day with that post. Funny stuff indeed. Blakes comments cracked me up.
1/21/08 7:42 PM
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Interview with lionheart

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1/21/08 7:54 PM
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ttt for ben makin a thread! bryan goldsby vs scott blevins!