1/23/13 8:04 PM
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Anyone see him in the crowd? They didnt show him at all, I just caught a brief glance at him as they panned over the crowd. Wonder why they didnt bother plugging SoA if he was there unless he is a huge fan like Rossi.
1/23/13 8:07 PM
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I did see Kim Coates, but in all honesty I thought I'd just made a mistake as someone in the crowd seemed to resemble him a bit, glad I'm not the only one that noticed him.
1/23/13 8:08 PM
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had to rewind to make sure it was him last night, definitely was. I like him in SOA

1/23/13 8:26 PM
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Noticed him too, pretty random. Phone Post
1/23/13 8:29 PM
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Haha yeah I saw that too!
1/23/13 8:34 PM
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I saw him as well
1/23/13 8:37 PM
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Good eye sir... It was just a quick shot, but it was definitely that Necrophiliac ! Phone Post
1/23/13 9:50 PM
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I just came her to make this thread and opted to use the search function

1/23/13 11:02 PM
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Yeah, caught that as well. Him and Rossi were also seen on UFC Unrestricted backstage. Phone Post