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4/25/13 2:55 AM
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Tim Hague is a natural raconteur, but he never thought about putting his stories to paper until recently.

“I’ve had some good times and some crazy adventures,” the 29-year-old Alberta product says. “So I just felt it would be a good read.”

Initially, Hague planned on penning the story of his aforementioned good times and crazy adventures. But after he wrote about 20,000 words — the equivalent of about 70 pages, by his count — the former UFC heavyweight decided to change the scope of his project.

“Anybody can really write a story about partying all the time and, you know, chasing after women or whatever,” Hague says. “So I just decided to write it as a journal, again, but each chapter would be the stories and events leading up to and involving each of my fights.

“I thought that would be much more interesting.”


4/25/13 3:03 AM
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He just started training where I train, he is a good guy.  I'll read his book.

4/25/13 3:06 AM
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brahmabull81 - I wonder if Ill have to wait in long lines to get it like I do at the club.

came to say something along these lines

4/25/13 8:28 PM
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4/25/13 9:15 PM
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What's the nightclub thing about lol? I met him at a shit club in Edmonton on Whyte Ave called Lucky 13, which is filled with falling over drunk Asian girls haha. He was nice and took a pic with me. Phone Post 3.0
4/25/13 9:25 PM
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I'll wait for the movie.