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11/16/12 10:47 PM
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UFC 154 Fight Day Live


UFC pre-show Fight Day Live is back this Saturday, November 17, to preview UFC 154: St. Pierre vs. Condit. Pound for pound great Georges St. Pierre makes his return to the Octagon after nearly 19 months away from fighting to recover from a knee injury. Carlos Condit, the interim champion, looks to shock the world and prove that he is the best welterweight in the UFC today.

Host Dave Farra, along with expert MMA analysts John Morgan of USA Today/MMAJunkie.com and Larry Pepe of ProMMA Radio, will make sure you know everything there is to know about this amazing card. And Fight Day Live correspondent Maggie Krol will give you the inside look from fight week up in Montreal. Be sure and tune into Fight Day Live this Saturday at 6pm ET/3pm PT.

11/17/12 12:08 AM
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sounds good
11/17/12 8:09 AM
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In cant wait for this!!! Phone Post
11/17/12 11:07 AM
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Reporter is smokin'.
11/17/12 11:12 AM
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War Diaz!!!! Phone Post
11/17/12 11:47 AM
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Pick'em contest (free blue name) Phone Post
11/17/12 1:25 PM
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! Phone Post
11/17/12 2:02 PM
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Anyone know the new start time of the show With Ring vs Phillipou off the card?

I know it was around 620p eastern before the cancellation.
11/17/12 3:12 PM
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Slap Maxwell - Anyone know the new start time of the show With Ring vs Phillipou off the card?

I know it was around 620p eastern before the cancellation.
Should be same time. Fight was replaced by Dos Anjos/Bocek. Phone Post
11/17/12 3:13 PM
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peed his pants.
11/17/12 3:50 PM
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Wow. Is anybody interested at all in the States ? I'm Canadian, and true, blue combat sports fan. A big GSP fan ( Although I really don't think he is as great as everyone thinks ). I really don't think much of this fight. Mind you I've lost a lot of interest in the UFC. One, it won't do anything for, or against GSP's legacy. If Condit wins, he will quickly be beaten by someone else, and will not have any legacy. End of that story. I just think in time GSP will retire, and will eventually slip down and out of discussions for all time greats. He was a good all around fighter, a prototype, but just that finishing power was not there, and as in boxing you must have that, ala Mike Tyson. If not, you better better have some flash like Hector Camacho or Floyd Mayweather. Now, the card will do well. It has to!. It's Canadian !, and Canadians love blood and violence. They will significantly boost the PPVs. The thing is, what is the damage done to the UFC ? What is the cause of fan turn-off. Tonight may not show the answers, but, it might. If Canadians turn away in droves, and they are your staunchest fan-base, you're in some kind of trouble. Not fatal mind you, just a downturn. Will that mean anything ? Probably not. It's a business. You get dips, and booms, and busts. Boxing has had many over its first 130 years. What you end up is the plateau of interest, then you gauge where your at as a business, and move from there. MMA has to change if they are to make significant dollars down the road. Far too many fights on TV, Old, New, recent, and very old fights being broadcast. Fans are turning away in droves, matches not getting made has turned off many others. The recent run of fun fights, and main cards with what, to the guy on the street, are no-names headlining cards is turning people away in droves. The UFC will survive. It is legit, its just how, what are we going to see down the road ? That's exciting. When Boxing had a downturn during the ealy part of the century, and the first world war, Dempsey, and Tunney came along to save the sport. During the great depression, a plethora of all time greats showed up to save the sport Billy Conn, Joe Louis, Ezzard Charles, Henry Armstrong, many others. Then the Mob showed up to take the lustre away, only to have Ray Robinson, Carmen Basilio, Jake Lamotta, Rocky Graziano, etc come along and generate piqued interest in the sport of boxing. A yound guy named Cassius Clay came along and shot the boxing world into the golden era of the heavyweights with George Foreman, Joe Frazier, Busther Mathis, Ken Norton, Earnie Shavers. During that era some little guys by the name of Roberto Duran and Ray Leonard in the lightweights and welters, among others , Carlos Monzon in the Middleweights, Bob Foster in the light Heavies ruled. Many others. That gave way to closed circuit, and eventually PPV in the eighties in what I think was the golden age of boxing.. the eighties. Tyson ruled the heavies. Hagler, Leonard, Duran, and Tommy the Hitman Hearns were the main attractions. There were many greats that came along during this time like Hector Camacho, Bazooka Limon, Pazienza, and the Viruet brothers which was unfortunate for them. However, long story short, Boxing always survives, and sometimes thrives. How will MMA respond to this slide ? We won't know til the slide stops. First where we are, and where we are heading. Case in point. In what is headed now to the first 10 years of Boxing,s present demise there is stil big fights, and successful cards everywhere, the world over. It is on TV everywhere and thrives underneath in some way, shape of form. Tonight GSP's card will not show how far down the world of MMA has come down, but, it could be a little bit of an indicator. I don't know most of the guys on the card, but, might watch the main event. I don't need to waste any more time than that.
11/17/12 4:33 PM
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Holy shit FRAT Phone Post
11/17/12 5:00 PM
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MasterofMartialArts - Holy shit FRAT Phone Post
If you just skip to the last sentence he wrote you'll get a pretty good summary. Phone Post
11/17/12 6:06 PM
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Isn't this supposed to be on right now?

And the Facebook prelims in 30 min?
11/17/12 6:07 PM
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11/17/12 6:32 PM
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fire this idiot
11/17/12 8:47 PM
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Sweet Daddy Bear - Dear UG Blog:

When you say UFC 154 starts at 6pm ET on Facebook, and the fights don't start until 6:35, it makes people want to punch your nose.



I think that was the correct start time, prior to the Ring fight being cancelled.