UnderGround Forums UFC 171 on fight Pass?

3/16/14 2:17 AM
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When will it be up for free viewing to fight pass members? I want to show my dad the fight and since I have fight pass I was curious to how long it will take for that to be up. Phone Post 3.0
3/16/14 2:18 AM
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3/16/14 2:32 AM
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not for a while. If you look at the fights they offer for 2014, there aren't any that weren't on either fox or fightpass. Nothing from events, and no full events since UFC 108


3/16/14 2:42 AM
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Maybe they'll do it if you shell out another $49. The UFC has contracts with cable/ppv providers that gives these companies rights for 30 days. People actually pay full price for replays. Phone Post 3.0
3/16/14 2:49 AM
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WWE Network allows subscribers to watch the PPVs live for free Phone Post 3.0