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11/22/12 12:16 AM
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Ok so, does the champion get a new belt after every defense? Do they just get the first belt and then every other one they have the option of giving the belt back or buying the new belt? How does it work?

With the thread about GSP telling his coach he'd buy him the belt, it all seems rather confusing. Does anyone know? Phone Post
11/22/12 12:27 AM
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Here you go my friend...

http://belttalk.com/blog/?p=43 Phone Post
11/22/12 12:28 AM
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I think it's like a normal belt. Stuck the thing through the thing. Phone Post
11/22/12 12:29 AM
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Stick* Phone Post
11/22/12 1:08 AM
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The answer is no.The champion keeps his belt & the winner gets a new one.

11/22/12 1:37 AM
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They get a new belt every time, champs dont even bring the belt with them they just get a new one before they go out to teh cage. If they win they get that one and if the challenger wins he gets it.

its why you see guys like Hughes or Randy or Page having a ton of belts.

For proof in a video of Rampage house they show he has 2 UFC belts and the PRide belt. He won the belt from Chuck and unified the Pride title with Hendo so he has 2 UFC belts and 1 Pride belt. If they only give the champ one belt Rampage would only have 1 UFC and 1 Pride but he has 2 UFC titles.

11/22/12 1:59 AM
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Chris 27 is incorrect.

You do not get a new belt for a title defense.You use to,but not any longer.

11/22/12 2:03 AM
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crowbar - 

Chris 27 is incorrect.

You do not get a new belt for a title defense.You use to,but not any longer.

Since when?
11/22/12 2:09 AM
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I`m not sure of the exact date,but  forum Mod Melissa the Operations Manager for the UFC came on here & said that they don`t.

11/22/12 2:16 AM
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From: Melissa 13
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TecHNieK - Champ gets a new belt every time he defends it

Incorrect. The champ defends his current belt and keeps that one. If the challenger wins the old champ keeps his belt and the new champ gets a shiny new belt. This is for both UFC and Strikeforce.
11/22/12 2:41 AM
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I should have said the Director of Operations,but I was close enough.

11/22/12 5:05 AM
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in before the UG's own Belt Aficionado PTSandman? Phone Post
11/22/12 7:29 PM
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Seems like there are differing views on this. Anyone know for sure?

11/22/12 8:13 PM
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So crowbar, when the defending champ gets the new belt in the cage, they give it back once they get to the back? Phone Post
11/22/12 8:49 PM
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No differing views, you don't get a new belt for defending anymore. Rampage got another belt because they changed designs from a nicely made 3 piece belt to a chinese made belt, they still use the cheap ones today.

The belt in the cage has velcro (pretty recent addition, which is why it doesnt take dana 2 minutes to put the belt on anymore), they probably use the same one for every title defense
11/22/12 8:51 PM
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I honestly can`t answer that,because I don`t know.Who`s to say that the so called new one...isn`t the defending champs?

11/22/12 9:00 PM
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You are all wrong, there is only one belt and it's always with the only true champion:

11/22/12 9:36 PM
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I know the answer 100% I asked Pat himself! You get a new belt every defence!
11/22/12 10:20 PM
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Hasn't this thread been made before? I remember this exact thread and Tim Sylvia came and shed some light... Phone Post
Edited: 11/22/12 11:19 PM
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Tim said that he got another belt,but he had to ask for it.Besides,I think the UFC policy has changed since then,and they are no longer doing it,and either does the Director of Operations.

Melissa 13
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PT you're last statement is incorrect, champs in UFC & SF currently do not get new belts every time they win.

Melissa 13
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Was Operations manager for WEC, currently Director of Operations for UFC & SF.
11/22/12 11:17 PM
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Word Phone Post
11/22/12 11:23 PM
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Melissa said that on 6/7/12.Things might have changed since then,but the UFC are tight with the greenbacks,and I seriously doubt it.
11/22/12 11:25 PM
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11/22/12 11:34 PM
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Matt Hughes had so many belts, he attached 1 to his bike!
Unless it did change recently, a new belt is given to whoever wins. That is also why they announce the champ as a 2,3,4,5, etc time champ.
11/22/12 11:39 PM
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Joshua J King -  This thread is made every 6 months. I've made one myself. Every defense has a new belt on the line. It's so every belt can get traced back to the event it's from. Phone Post

They obviously used to do that but the question is did they stop? Thats what they are saying but they def used have to have a new belt for every fight.